My Favourite Healthy Lunch Spots In Montreal

So it’s pretty much summer and you want to not look bloated in a bikini, obviously. The secret is really simple: work out and eat healthy. This post is about healthy food spots. I’ll write about working out another day.

I hate that feeling when you eat something really heavy and all you want to do is nap, unless it’s winter outside and it’s a Sunday. So if you just want to nibble on something light and delicious, here are 5 cool ideas for you: (more…)

5 Beauty Products I Fell In Love With This Month

I watch a hell lot of YouTube beauty videos and often try the stuff they recommend. Some of them sound so convincing, I can’t help myself… and you know what? A lot of the products I try actually work.

I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite recent beauty finds that had me like “OMG! I love this!” If you end up trying any of these, let me know what you think in the comments. (more…)

Goa Body Cleanser

CONTEST! GOA Detox Facial Cleanser & Mask Giveaway

I’m always a bit skeptical when companies approach me to review their beauty products. First of all, I don’t like to test things on my skin because it’s very precious to me. Second of all, I always warn them that in case I don’t like their product, I will be very honest in my review. Most choose for me to leave no feedback at all rather than a negative one. Rodrigo Diaz, the creator of GOA skincare products, was so confident that I will love their GOA Detox Facial Cleanser & Mask that it got me really intrigued. (more…)