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Here’s Why So Many Montrealers Choose To Live In Toronto

The love-hate relationship with the city of Montreal is a phenomenon known by far too many Montrealers. One day we love our city’s diversity, next day we can’t stand the construction. It’s a constant struggle between mixed emotions. Some can’t take the pressure and choose to run away, and in certain cases, they end up settling for our arguably “cooler” English neighbour, Toronto.


This Online Store Has The Best Boxing Day Deals EVER!!!

If you’re physically leaving the house to shop on Boxing Day, then you’re one hell of a brave (and a little bit crazy) person. Stores are full of people, all the best deals sell out super fast and good luck with the weather outside! I’ve always preferred to shop online, in the comfort of my own bed, wearing PJs, with a side of hot chocolate and Home Alone playing in the background. So here’s where I do all my discount shopping on Boxing Day!