All Men Need To Learn How To Make A Woman Feel Loved From My Husband

I often catch myself wondering, “How on earth did I get such an amazing man by my side?” He has really changed my entire perspective on life. Before I met Dave, I was totally consumed by my own ego, unable give or receive love. I was actually convinced that I didn’t deserve to be loved, but then, one day, he came and “rescued” me from the prison I created in my own mind.

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The Most Important Lesson Life In Thailand Has Taught Me

I’m sure you’ve met some people in your life or even you yourself are the kind of person who can never just sit still. These people, even when they’re on vacation, will wake up at 6 a.m., rent a boat, go deep-sea fishing, then snorkelling, then take diving classes, then party at night until the next morning… Their energy flow seems endless. I call them “the restless.”

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Here’s Proof That Vegans CAN’T Do Everything

We were talking about climbing Mount Everest with my husband the other day, so I got a little obsessed with the idea and googled about it for hours. I stumbled upon a page with a list of everyone who’s ever tried to climb the mountain and how they died (or didn’t) trying to reach the top. I then took my weird stalking to the next level for absolutely no reason and started googling the names of people who died on their hike.