Raise Your Selfie Game With These Pro Tips

How to look good in every picture.

Whether it’s a big life event like a graduation or a wedding
where you know you’ll be photographed a lot, or simply wanting to get some smoking-hot selfies for your Tinder bio, the secrets to looking more photogenic are something we all want to know.

Do you have to be born camera-ready, or can looking good in photos be learned? Well, the good news is that there are a few simple tricks you can use to bring your selfie A-game – without resorting to Facetune. Look like the very best version of yourself with these quick tips.

Choose Your Colours

Photography can wash out colour, especially under a flash, so always go a shade or two darker or more vibrant with your lip and eye colours to make them stand out. That pale nude that looks so chic in real life? It can come across as a corpse-like in pictures. Raspberry or deeper berry tones are more flattering to define the lips, preferably with the hint of shimmer to add dimension. Try something like the new Dior Lip Glow for natural but impactful colour.

Timing Is Everything

No matter how much of a good time you’re having, you’re not going to take your best selfies when you’re drunk. So try and time all the photos for earlier in the evening when you’re more fresh-faced, don’t have any smeared mascara and can see straight. Drinking makes your eyes look droopy, so you aren’t going to get the best effect.

Do The Neck Trick

Even the slimmest of us can develop an unflattering double chin at the wrong angle. So when the camera is on you, push your face and neck forward. You might feel a bit silly, but it helps to define your jawline and makes your best features pop.

The Golden Hour

If you’re going to be outdoors, timing is everything to get the best self-portrait. The hour before the sun goes down is the magic time regarding flattering light that will make you look more airbrushed instantly. A bright, sunny day can actually be your enemy, because direct sunlight casts harsh shadows that will highlight every lump and bump and emphasise bags under your eyes, A time of day when the sun cast less downward shadows, or a day that is overcast works way better for looking good.

A Perfect Smile

What makes or breaks a good picture is often our smiles. The right one can be inviting and infectious – so make sure yours is up to scratch. Gluck Orthodontics can help you get a Hollywood grin, or invest in an at-home teeth whitening kit to get a top-quality smile.

Experiment with different depths of smile to see what suits your face in a picture. Take a look back at your previous favourites – what do you like about them and why. Practice bringing feeling into your eyes without scrunching them up. Or try tucking your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a grin becoming too wide and goofy.

Main photo cred – Weheartit

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