I Didn’t Know What Love Was Until He Broke My Heart

True love is not what you think it is.

In the last year, I grew so much. The love of my life broke up with me and I think that’s it taught me a lot. For instance, I realized that the meaning of love is NOT to have someone fall in love with you at any cost. Being loved does not equal love.

We’re used to making our own shortcomings look good and serving our vices from the graceful side so that the person in front of us “falls in love.” But, remember, when you want to be touched, caressed, excited and squeezed, that’s not real love. That’s passion. I’ve been there and I can tell you that real love is NOT being kissed by that hot guy you can’t stop thinking about.

When you dream of being fiercely loved, for someone to obsess over you and share all their time with you – you’re being selfish. Selfishness cannot be love, correct?

When you want someone to take care of you and of your problems, give you gifts and provide for you – you’re just being immature. Can an immature person know what true love is? Definitely not.

When all you think about is having kids with that one “special” person, it’s just your biology talking.

When you want him to marry you ASAP, it just shows that you’re dependent on public opinion.

In reality, when you love, you don’t want anything. You just love. Without wanting anything in return.

Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, check my emails, my Instagram, drink coffee, talk to my parents and I love him. He can be anywhere in the world right now, maybe even hugging another girl. I love him. He may not even know that I still love him. Days pass, weeks go by, but still somehow I am smiling at the thought of sending my love out into the universe.

You might think that it’s weird and stupid. But that’s exactly what love should be. The rest are human passions and desires.

Main photo cred – Weheartit


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