I ACTUALLY Don’t Need A Man In My Life

I just don’t see the point in “needing” one…

Why would a successful woman need a man? Let’s immediately reject the arguments “because of love” and “that’s how nature works.” And instead let’s be rational for a sec.


It is generally believed that a man must be able to provide for his family. And what if I can take care of this? I have a beautiful condo. I drive a nice car. I can even assemble furniture from Ikea. And honestly, for the rest, there’s Mastercard.


Do you honestly want to share your daily routine with a man? Really? It can only weigh you down. A man is a burden in himself. Think about his scattered socks all over the floor for a minute. Great, right? YOU should be taken care of, not the other way around.

Being an independent and intelligent person, I can not understand in any way shape or form why I should be taking care of a grown human being. Why do I need to think of cleaning his clothes, making sure he’s well fed and neatly dressed if he’s an adult just like me? And don’t tell me not ALL men are like that. Yes they are. Spoiled by their mothers.

I’ll take care of another adult only if I see that he can return the favour. Otherwise, thanks but no thanks. I would much rather invest in a housekeeper to cook and clean for me, rather than exacerbating my existence by obligatory breakfasts, lunches and dinners just to keep my serious relationship going. I need a man to make my life easier and that sounds more farfetched than riding a unicorn.


Super important! But please, you don’t need a bf or a husband for that. Getting laid for women is extremely easy. And the options are limitless, starting from 20 year olds to 65+. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

You might think that a serious relationship promises regular and high-quality love-making sessions, but in practice – who are you kidding? Men too are not in the mood sometimes, they stress at work and would rather do the same old missionary style instead of having to put on a show every time.


A man is weak psychologically. Hospital visits, talking all night long with a ciggy, money to lend – your girlfriends will do a much better job at all of the above.

Meanwhile, I don’t have to fight for the remote, I can binge watch Sex and the City, I can do whatever the fuck I want, I can dress how I want, I can not shave for weeks, I can drink limitless amounts of alcohol without anyone telling me how I have an alcohol problem.

I’m happy. I’m happy with what I have. I have my mom, my sister, my dear friends. There are many things that I want to see, do and experience like Thai boxing, meditation, salsa, tango, travel, outlandish cuisines of the world, movies and works of art, new books, new languages, helping people.

Can somebody explain to me why I need a man in my life?

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