Forget Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Pancake Day Instead

Single people, you’re going to love this!

If you happen to be single, there is nothing worse
than the marketing messaging that covers every banner surface and populates every TV spot during the first two weeks of February. You’ve guessed it right: Valentine’s Day is the dreaded nightmare of everybody who is not currently in a relationship.

The sweetest day of the year seems to feel more like a kick in the self-esteem than a celebration of love. But don’t worry. You can transform February into a month of sweet and pleasant days, with emphasis on the sweet element.

Single people don’t like Valentine’s Day

Let’s get something straight: Singletons don’t like Valentine’s Day, not because they don’t appreciate the idea of love. But simply because it’s nothing more than rubbing salt in the wound. In fact, as the biggest love day of the year, from a commercial perspective, approaches, you can start finding same-minded individuals on your traditional social media platform, slowly but surely sharing their frustration with the rest of the single world.

But that’s fine because there are still plenty of things to look forward to in February, things that can make you smile and that don’t care about your relationship status. In other words, forget Tinder for now, and remember everything there is to celebrate in February.

Declare your flame to Nutella

If you’re an enthusiastic Nutella eater, you’ve probably noticed that there is a world Nutella day, which fell earlier in the month, on the 5th. What is this special day about? It’s quite simple: It’s about celebrating your favorite hazelnut and chocolate spread. You can be creative and prepare the best marshmallow and Nutella sandwich in town, or you could just enjoy a spoonful of Nutella for no other reason than yum. Admittedly, Nutella day lies now in the past. But is it really too late to spread the chocolatey love?

Add a twist to Shrove Tuesday

You don’t know to be a fervent Catholic to embrace Shrove Tuesday, which comes exactly one day before Valentine’s Day. All it takes is to love pancakes! It’s an excellent excuse to add a generous spoonful of Nutella to the batter, by the way.

If you still struggle to get your perfect pancakes in the pan, have you considered a waffle batter instead? With the WaffleMakersHub, you can get all the gear and tips you need for a creative Shrove Tuesday! If you’re looking for exciting winter flavours, try cinnamon cream as a topping or warm crushed berries.

Wait one day after Valentine’s day

Finally, the best thing about Valentine’s Day, it’s when it’s over. Not only because you can enjoy your normal life without feeling that every place you go is desperate to remind you that you’re single. But also because you can finally buy yourself a discounted box of delicious valentine’s chocolates. And there’s nothing that beats the feeling of victory when you get a box of quality chocolates for half the price! You can even add a cute soft toy, because, after all, do you really need a reason to be good to yourself?

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t stress too much about Valentine’s Day if you’re single. There are plenty of other sweet pleasures to the month of February!

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