Destination Of The Year: Ngapali Beach, A Slice Of Paradise On Earth

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Ngapali (pronounced “Napally” and said to be named
after the Italian city of Naples), Myanmar is a delightful tropical paradise located on the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world with waters flowing straight out of the Himalayas. Blessed with a pleasant tropical climate, this region represents Myanmar’s premier beach getaway.

Ngapali has a typical laidback fisherman village ambience
and is home to a variety of beautiful hotels and resorts. We stayed at Hilton Ngapali Resort and Spa, and it was out-of-this-world AMAZING (see photos below). It’s not the right destination for beach party lovers. Instead, Ngapali offers lots of sunshine, cool sea breeze, white sand beaches, lush green tropical forest, crystal clear turquoise blue waters, freshest seafood and exotic fruits. It’s like a soul detox in a way, where you forget all your worries and just… live.

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Ngapali is accessible by flight which takes about 45 minutes from Yangon.

Photo cred – Hilton

We stayed in a gorgeous ocean view villa at Hilton Ngapali Resort & Spa.

backyard hiltonPhoto cred – Dave Leduc

Our private pool and hammock were the perfect hangout spot! Hilton Ngapali nailed it!

ngapali stretchPhoto cred – Soupoffun

The beach stretches about 3 km with soft white sand fringed by palm tress.

picture perfect ngapaliPhoto cred – Bemyguest

Picture-perfect “untouched” Ngapali Beach, is among the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can finally relax and forget about tourists with selfie sticks here!

Photo cred – Planeschampagne

Ngapali weather gives perfect tans (poolside at Hilton Ngapali).

pearl islandPhoto cred – Alamy

Just off the coast to the south of Ngapali, Pearl Island is a charming spot where giant lobsters are served up at a restaurant with sun canopies that line the beach.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.53.28 PMPhoto cred – Mark Griffith

Locals are extremely nice, polite and most understand/speak English.

Photo cred – Myanmar Tourism

That thing on their cheeks is called Thanaka. It’s a traditional Burmese cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It’s used as natural spf, helps remove acne, promotes smooth skin and is considered aesthetically beautiful by local people.

hot air balloonPhoto cred – Exoticmyanmartravel

To get the best possible views of Ngapali and the surrounding coastline, you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon (US$275 per person).

Photo cred – Hilton

The sunsets in Ngapali are poetic (photo taken at Hilton Ngapali).

ngapali restaurantPhoto cred – Ampersandtravel

There are plenty of cute restaurants to choose from!

Photo cred – ExploreMyanmar

The country has some of the best diving spots on the planet. Other activities include taking trips on local fishing boats, kayaking, snorkelling and cycling or motorbiking down the beach and around some of the local villages.

ngapali marketPhoto cred – Asiastreetfood

The local market is casual, calm and very colourful.

myanmar cuisinePhoto cred – Myanmore

Myanmar cuisine reflects the best of Chinese, Indian, Thai and even some European (due to rich colonization history dating back to late 1800’s) culinary elements.

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