Become The Happiest You’ve Ever Been By Applying These Two Simple Concepts

Healthy changes are gooooood for you!

It can be hard to be happy. Life is tough and can throw curve balls at you when you least expect it. In order to help you become a “good vibes only” person, I’m sharing the most efficient and easy changes you must undertake. Give these two tricks a go and see how your life will start to blossom:

“Change” your character

Everyone has a character, an image that they show to people; that they show themselves. It makes us who we are, but that can often limit us from trying out new things. We get stuck in the habit of being ourselves, until the point that it’s the only person we can be.

It’s not a problem to break that habit though! You may even find yourself enjoying life a whole lot more if you try living differently to how you’re used to. Many people find themselves moulded by those around them, people who’ve influenced them to be who they are today; may it be friends or family. It’s not entirely wrong to be like the people you enjoy spending time with, but how do you know it’s what you enjoy the most? Try surrounding yourself with new people!

We all have a set of rules created by our environments, what’s right from wrong, which way is up and down. It’s like our daily guidelines, except some of them don’t need to be followed. It’s important that you try to be adventurous with who you are if you want to get the most from life, as it can be hard to find out all the things you enjoy and what you want to do; it’s not always ideal to go with the herd. Many people don’t like stepping outside their comfort box, especially if they have to do it alone, but it can be much more beneficial than a detriment.

Try something new

You never know if you’ll enjoy something until you try it. While you may look at it and say “that’s not for me” did you ever stop to think, why not? Just because it’s not something you would usually go for, doesn’t mean it’s something you shouldn’t go for.

Your character is just an image that’s built from what you know so far, that can change! It’s not like you need to give up your job and start travelling the world tomorrow, but it’s about being less afraid to test yourself. Used to going on beach holidays? Try an adventure on a nature walk or hiking trip! Want chocolate for your wedding cake, but did you consider cheese wedding cakes? Tradition isn’t a law. Instead, it can become something you aim to challenge. If you don’t have a confident sense of self, that’s a clear sign that you need to try something different in your life, it’s not until that point that you can get a better understanding of who you want to be.

It’s hard trying to find something new for yourself, especially when you don’t know others who share that interest, but that’s part of becoming your own person! You meet new people everywhere you go; you don’t have to lose old friends to replace them.

Finding out who you are and getting in touch with yourself can help your mood significantly, so swim against the current if you have to! You’re wasting your days if they’re spent living someone else’s life.

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