Three Improvements To Make To Your First Home

Easy ways to pimp up your crib.

You’ve made it. You’ve scrimped and saved for years, and you have been rewarded with a place on the property ladder. Once you’ve settled in, decorated and made everything feel like home, you might start thinking about making a few large-scale changes around the place.

You may be thinking that you want something bigger and grander than your current property, but if you’re honest with yourself, selling up and moving to something bigger just isn’t on the cards for you right now. Depending on how much you are planning on spending improving your home, you could cover the costs by increasing your mortgage, or by taking out a secured personal loan.

Below are three improvements you can make to your home that will make it feel brand new all over again.


The first and most obvious way of stopping yourself from feeling like you’ve outgrown your home is to get your home to grow with you. A two-storey extension can be a great way to add some extra room to your kitchen or living room downstairs and create some extra room upstairs.

You could use the extra space to add an extra bedroom if you have a family that is growing, or you could and an en-suite bathroom or walk-in wardrobe to help store that growing shoe collection. Doing this will require you to gain suitable planning permission, but the cost of adding the extension should be balanced by the value it adds to your property.

New kitchen

The hub of any gathering or party is always the kitchen, and sometimes the kitchen your first home comes with is not even close to something you would choose for yourself. Kitchens, especially cheaper ones, can start to look dated and worn very quickly, so it’s always best to go for a good quality one that will last around ten years of usage.

Consider the space you have to work with as well as what you would ideally like. It’s all very well craving a kitchen island, but if you only have a small kitchen, this might not be the most practical decision. Fitting a new kitchen allows you to add a bit more of your unique style to your home also. If every other room is very minimalist and modern in design and your kitchen has scrubbed wood work surfaces, it might stand out rather oddly.


Adding a conservatory is probably the cheapest and easiest way to add some extra living space to the ground floor of your home. Minimal planning permission is required, so the whole process should be quite straightforward, and this should add a decent amount of value to your home also.

There’s nothing quite like eating your breakfast in the conservatory while you enjoy the early morning sun. If you opt for underfloor heating, you could also make use of it in the colder months and curls up with a nice book and a glass of wine as the rain patters softly against the glass.

There you have it homeowners, three ways to add value and size to your first home without all the hassle of selling up and moving on. Enjoy your rekindled love for your home.

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