Setting Boundaries In The Workplace

Don’t take no sh!t from anybody, not even your boss.

Boundaries are incredibly important in all walks of life. We need them to make sure we stay happy and healthy in our personal lives, and when it comes to the public we have social conventions in place to maintain some space for ourselves. However, in business these can often be thrown out of the window when it comes to customers and co workers, and thus we can get taken advantage of a lot when we run our own businesses, especially when we’re out to
help those who need it most. If you’re looking for some advice on changing this, take a look at some of these tips below.

Creating Boundaries with a Boss

Your boss oversees everything you do at work, and often enough expects a lot of you. Yet, keeping those expectations to the workplace alone is hard, and being able to say no when you can’t complete a task outside of your hours is essential to keeping each part of your life separate. Remember that you’re not required to work outside of your hours, and although sometimes it might be impossible to avoid coming in when you’re not on the clock, talking to your boss about the requirements of your presence is necessary.

Bosses can demand a lot of us, and we can get extremely frustrated after being called in for the third time that week after a machine has broken and we’re the only one who knows how to fix it. This is a good skill to have in your pack, but making sure others know it too is the mark of a great boss. Suggest this, and don’t be disheartened if you get shot down: your labor is still valued.

Setting Freelancing Expectations

There’s a lot clients can demand of you when you’re self employed, and that makes freelancing quite an exhausting job no matter what it is you choose to do. A lot of the time customers don’t understand what they’re asking for, or they expect far too much of your turnaround time and the prices you offer.

Emails are the main way to communicate, so make sure people know when they can and cannot reach you. Work within expectations, and don’t be afraid to say no when you can’t complete something. More work is out there!

When You Really Want to Help

Making sure you stay healthy whilst at work is something a lot of doctors and nurses specifically don’t do. It’s time to make that change!

Paperwork is time consuming. Taking good reports doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the name of servicing people properly, so try out programs like in your business. Just a little advice can make the paperwork a lot easier to carry out, and now you have so much more time for your patients. Your average patient time can increase by a few minutes, which honestly makes the world of difference for diagnosis!

Set boundaries today!

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