Five Telltale Signs He Is Keeping Something From You

Secrets kill relationships.

In case you have been dating a person for a few months,
you will have a good idea about their lifestyle and preferences. However, there could be dark secrets he doesn’t want you to know about. If you feel like something’s off and you can’t stop wondering what he is hiding from you, look out for the telltale signs below and try to learn the truth to make sure you enter an honest and trusting relationship.

5. He Never Talks About His Parents

If you don’t know anything about your new partner’s parents, there can be different reasons for this. First, he might not want to bring up the topic in case you would like to meet them. Second, he might not have a good relationship with his family for a reason he wants to keep a secret. Either way, if you want your relationship to progress further, you need to know where they are from and how they grew up.

4. You Never Met His Friends

Are you going out with a guy who always tells you about meeting his friends but never ever introduced you to any of them? Chances are he is using the “friends” excuse to hide another important person in their lives or a bad habit. He might have friends but either he is afraid you wouldn’t like them or the other way round. Either way, if you want to know the truth, you might need to turn to the Use of Force to see clearly.

3. He Hardly Ever Talks about Work

You might have a rough idea about what your partner does for work, but they never talk about it. They might just have lost their job, or have a different career than they said they did. In many cases, men lie about their work and income to women to impress them on the first date, and then find it hard to come clean and keep on hiding their secret. Most successful men like talking about their work, so if your new date stays quiet, you should be suspicious.

2. He Doesn’t Mention Exes’ Names

There might be a reason why your boyfriend doesn’t want to mention the names of their exes. First, they might still be in touch, and if a name pops up on their screen, they can claim it is a colleague or friend. Secondly, they might have messed up in previous relationships, and don’t want to brag about their mistakes. Either way, you need to make sure he is not hiding anything dangerous.

1. You Have Never Been to His House

Your new man might have a dark past or a secret. You can be lucky and he can simply be ashamed of the lack of his decoration skills. Still, most men who are serious about dating somebody will show trust and take you around to their home, or at least drop in so you can see where and how they live.

Whenever you are wondering why your new boyfriend is so secretive about some topics, you need to look out for the signs that he is trying to keep you in the dark.

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