How We Can All Be Kinder In 2018

Because being nice to people is the best resolution.

Most people these days are looking for ways to be happy.
However, most of them are looking in the wrong place. They look to external sources, such as clothing, gadgets, makeup – you name it. The novelty soon wears off, and they’re left wanting to buy more stuff to get the feeling back. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and again, but this isn’t a way you’re going to be happy. One of the quickest ways to be happy? To be kinder to those around you. It’s simple. Making others happy makes us happy.

So, with that in mind, let’s look for ways we can all be kinder in 2018. Making the world a kinder place will make it a much better place for us all to live in!

Look For Ways To Help Out Everywhere

As you go about your daily business, look for ways to help out wherever you can. You may be able to (as cliche as it sounds) help a lady across the road or with her shopping. Maybe you could just hold a door open for somebody. Don’t do it because you want praise and thanks. Do it because it’s the right thing to do, and notice how it makes you feel good. The more you do this, the more you’ll want to help others.

Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is becoming a very popular concept. You can pay it forward at the drive thru, pay it forward in the coffee shop – wherever you like. The idea is that you pay for the next person’s coffee or food. They don’t have to be waiting in line already. Simply tell the person behind the counter what you’re doing! When this happens, the next person is more likely to pay it forward too.

Choose A Charity To Help

Is there a charity close to your heart that you’d like to help? Think about it creatively and what you can do. Maybe you could do a sponsored silence, a fun run, a bungee jump, or something else that scares you to raise money. Alternatively, you can go and physically help them yourself. Look at Cane bay partners for inspiration. Do what feels right to you!

Be Kind To The Environment

Being kind to people is one thing, but being kind to the environment is another. We should all be kinder to the environment, as we’re using the resources we have at an alarming rate. You may think it won’t affect you, but what about your children? What about their children, and their children? Do the right thing!

Teach Your Kids To Be Kinder

Teaching kids to be kinder is imperative – after all, they are the next generation of adults. Teach them about caring for the environment, and why being kind to others is so important. Kids pick up things quickly, as their brains are like sponges. Make sure you show them with actions and not just your words!

How will you be kinder in the coming year?

Main photo cred – Weheartit

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