Everything You Realize After Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Oh the joys of adulting!

Moving in together can be a very exciting time.
It’s a way of cementing your relationship and being able to spend more time with that one special person in your life. However, there are also a few things that you are going to have to get used to. This is especially the case if you’ve been living on your own for the past couple of years – you are going to have to get used to sharing your personal space with someone else, which can be a very big change for some people.

So, have you decided to move in with your boyfriend and are already wondering what you might have let yourself in for? Here are some things you will realize after a year of living together.

You’ll Learn To Do Your Own Thing

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Sure, you will now live together and spend all of your time away from the office together. That’s going to feel like a lot, no matter how in love you both are! So, you will both eventually learn to do your own thing. You’ll organize regular catch-ups with your friends while he will enjoy nights out with his mates. Don’t worry about doing things separately – it ensures that you don’t get sick of each other!

Leaving The Toilet Lid Up Won’t Bother You Too Much

Worried that you will get really annoyed by your guy leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom? This may grate on you at first but sooner or later, it won’t bother you any longer. Just remember to invest in a urinal splash guard so that the hygiene of your bathroom isn’t compromised! If you can’t get over your man leaving the toilet seat up, just have a gentle word with him so that he can try and improve his bathroom habits!

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You’ll Accumulate A Lot Of Stuff

Think you already have a lot of stuff in your flat? Well, imagine how much that is going to increase by when you live with someone else! You will each have your own separate belongings, but you will also start to buy things together. Hopefully, your new place together has a lot of storage space – you will definitely need it!

You’ll Get Used To His Annoying Habits

It’s not only the fact that he leaves the toilet seat up that will annoy you – we all have our own little quirks and habits, and some of his will really grind your gears. Thankfully, though, it won’t take you too long to get used to all of these habits. Most people find that they don’t even notice their partner’s frustrating quirks and behavior after they have lived together for a year! But even if there are still things that annoy you, just remember that there will be things that you do that might annoy the hell out of him!

The first year of living with your boyfriend is truly magical and will certainly be full of love. There’s just the things above that you will need to get used to!

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