Are You Prepared To Protect Yourself From Attack?

Remember when Gigi Hadid elbowed her attacker in the face? Total inspiration.

The world’s a dangerous place and as a woman making your own way in the world, you need to  know how to protect yourself and stay safe in all kinds of situations and circumstances. Self-defence is something anyone can master in small ways, and you don’t even need to learn martial arts techniques to do it.
Protecting yourself has never been easier, and it’s all about how you plan things and the things you take with you when you’re out and about. Here’s what you should know.

Use Personal Safety Smartphone Apps

The great thing about modern technology is that it has a solution for pretty much anything, and the same is true for personal protection. There are lots of safety apps you can download on your smartphone and make use of every time you feel the need to. There are apps that turn your phone into a panic alarm if you get into trouble. And there are also apps for checking in and out of certain places, and if you don’t get to an expected destination, emergency contacts will be alerted.

Carry Pepper Spray in Your Bag When Out Alone

This might sound like a slightly drastic step to take, but it’s certainly worth considering because you never know who you might need to fend off when you’re out on your own. If you’re going to be on your own at night, it’s definitely a good idea to have pepper spray in your bag. You’ll then be able to stop anyone in their tracks if they try to attack you in any way. You can find them online pretty easy so give it a try.

Shut Down Pushy Male Behaviour Immediately

As a woman, you’re probably seen or experienced men getting too pushy, especially if you’re out for the evening in a bar. To prevent things from escalating, you should make your feelings clear right away. Although this might not be an attack per se, it’s still not something you should have to put up with. So if a man is being too pushy around you, shut down that behaviour and make it clear how you feel.

Use Your Jewellery

This is one of those strange tips that can actually have a big real-world impact. Some companies sell jewellery that is designed to be used in situations where you might be at risk. A sharp ring that you can turn into a defensive weapon could be very useful one day!

Try to Stay With a Friend You Trust

One of the best protections against attack is to not be alone in situations where you’re not comfortable or that aren’t familiar for whatever reason. If you have a trusted friend by your side, you will have strength in numbers and that can matter a lot. In the rare event of some kind of attack taking place, at least there will be two of you who will be able to work together to fend the attacker off.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable for a day longer. Even though becoming the victim of an attack is always unlikely, there’s a chance that it could happen so make use of the advice outlined here.

Main photo cred – Fightland

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