When Does The Time Come To Accept It Really Is Over?

Goodbye, my lover!

If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re having problems with your relationship, or at least having some doubts about it all. Having doubts is normal, and that in itself doesn’t necessarily mean that things are doomed for you and your partner. However, there are some other signs that things might be beyond the point of repair. Read on and learn about these things, and if they sound all too familiar to you, it might be time to accept that the relationship really is

When Communication is Failing

Communication is an important part of any relationship because it’s impossible to stay on the same page and work together as a couple if you’re finding it impossible to get even the most basic aspects of communication between the pair of you right. If you don’t even feel like you want to communicate with your partner, you have real problems that could signal that a breakup is near.

When You’re No Longer Excited About Your Shared Future

Part of what’s great about being in a committed relationships with someone is about how you share a vision of your future together and work towards it. So if your excitement for you and your partner’s shared future together has dissipated all of a sudden, you should recognise the problem and consider what it means for your relationship. It’s usually not a coincidence that the excitement has gone.

When You’re Both Bored

Boredom is never a good sign in a relationship, even if you’re never going to keep up the activity of your early weeks and months together. Complete and utter boredom in one another’s company is not the kind of thing you can just get over or correct. It’s an uncontrollable sign that something has gone wrong or you weren’t the fit for one another that you originally thought you were.

When You’ve Tried Every Way to Overcome Problems

Overcoming problems in your relationship can be done, but in some cases it seems simply impossible. If you’ve tried everything from compromise to Christian marital counseling, and nothing has worked for you, it might be time to think about whether you can move on together or not. If you’ve worked hard at overcoming your problems to no avail, there is no shame in concluding that the relationship should end.

When You Notice That You’re Starting Arguments for No Reason

Arguments in relationships are pretty normal, and they’re not always entirely unhealthy. But if you find that you or your partner seem to be starting arguments for no real reason, then it could be a sign that your relationship is past its sell by date. There is no sense in persevering with a relationship if it’s making both of you unhappy in how you live your lives. To cut the arguments you might need to call time on the relationship.

No breakup is enjoyable, but delaying it can only make things worse for everyone involved so it’s always necessary to be realistic and take action when it needs to be taken.

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