The Trouble With Our Generation

All we need is some wi-fi and a dream.

Sometimes, being a millennial can feel like the best thing in the world. You have everything at your feet, and a whole wealth of possibility to play with. You are at the forefront of the generation which stands to change everything. Admittedly, all young twenty-somethings have thought the same, but come on; we’ve got the internet on side…

And, let’s be honest; we’ve already changed a fair amount. Thanks to us, freelance work is on the rise. And, no one can deny that our aesthetic has played a significant part in transforming coffee shops.

But, to say it’s all plain sailing being part of this generation would be naive. We’re lucky in the sense that the only war during our childhoods has been kept at a safe distance. We’re also fortunate that no significant periods of depression have hit the country during our lifetimes. In fact, to an outsider, these would seem like the first-world problems of a spoiled generation. But, that doesn’t make them any less valid, does it?

To prove that our worries are worth some attention, too, we’re going to look at some of the main issues millennials face now we’re in the real world.

We spent too much time online when growing up

This one’s a no-brainer, right? While the internet is, undeniably, our best weapon, it’s also one of our downfalls. As kids, our parents played out on the street when they got home. They would socialize with real humans on a regular basis. But, we just locked ourselves inside and played on MSN instead. Now, it’s coming back to bite us in two significant ways. For one, many of us are left with no choice but to embark on minimally invasive surgery to ease the pain caused by back injuries. It seems our parents were right; slouching in front of a screen for hours on end really can harm our health.

On top of which, our online interactions haven’t quite prepared us for talking to people in the real world. When we go on face-to-face dates, many of us feel ill-equipped because we’re so used to talking to men online! Same goes for friendships and workplace interactions. We’d rather do it all behind a screen.

We sometimes put style over substance

Blame it on Instagram, but we’re not averse to putting style over substance. Modern cookbooks are a fantastic example of this. Most teach us little more than how to make a pretty salad. But, the instaworthy layout and stunning pictures are enough to convince us. The same can be said for our friendships. If someone can take a good selfie, they’re sure to be friend material. Right?

We want it now

We’re also a generation who have grown up on instant gratification. If we want information, we get it from Google. If we want a new pair of shoes, we order them for next day delivery. As such, we’re AWFUL at waiting for anything. Forget patience; why can’t it be done RIGHT NOW?

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