Heartbreak Isn’t The Only Health Risk: What No One Tells You About Online Dating

Proceed at your own risk.

We’ve spoken a lot about the art of dating yourself
. This is a sure path to the most rewarding relationship you could ever imagine. Once you and yourself fall in love, you’ll be together forever. But, there will inevitably come a time when the two of you feel ready to invite someone else into your relationship. And, when that happens, it wouldn’t be unusual for a modern woman to head to one of those online dating sites.

You know the ones, where you put up your tentative ‘About Me’ section. Within, you boast of a job which sounds far more glamorous than your reality. You make it seem like you go out about 50% more than you do. And, most importantly, you make it clear that you’re ‘looking for something serious’. Then, you post a picture from a good few years ago which looks nothing like you. Then, you sit back and wait for love.

Of course, it rarely works. In truth, the online dating game is a hazardous place to be. And no, we’re not talking about the dodgy dates and possible STDs. We’re talking about the online game itself. Here are some of the risks you expose yourself to the moment you sign up to play.

A bad back from hours searching for the one

Despite the ‘easy’ nature of online dating, you may find that ‘the one’ proves as elusive as ever. Worse, you may get caught in the trap of searching through potential matches for hours on end, sure he’ll be on the next page. Guess what; he never is. Instead of love, all you end up with is a bad back, and an appointment with a spine doctor who can help ease your strain. Sadly, though, they can do nothing for your broken heart. Only ice cream and wine can fix that baby.

Repetitive strain from all that swiping

Let’s not beat around the bush; if you’re getting involved in the online dating game, you’re going to give Tinder a shot. After all, it’s not JUST about sex, right? Your brother’s friends sister did manage to meet her husband that way. But, warning: Tinder can lead to repetitive strain injury. That’s right: swiping left on all those inappropriate matches can lead to a phenomenon experts have dubbed ‘ipad hand’. And, it isn’t only the swiping finger at risk. The hand holding your phone could also fall foul!

Mental disturbance from inappropriate pictures

Remember when you highlighted in your profile that you were only ‘looking for something serious’? Forget it. You could be having the best conversation with a guy. At some point, though, he’ll convince himself you need to see his privates. Many online daters have been exposed to unwanted nudie snaps. And, that includes men as well, ladies! It seems that we all have difficulty keeping it under wraps. So, strap yourself in for a stressful ride. If you still want to date anybody after this, you can undoubtedly pat yourself on the back.

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