A Beginners Guide To Self Love For The Self Loathing

Be kind to yourself, honey.

It takes commitment and focus to change the way your brain thinks due to the conditions of society around you. Woman have self-hatred coming at them from all angles – the media, magazines, and worst of all – other women. Having grown up in this type of culture, it is no wonder that self-love is now something a woman has to focus on teaching herself to practice. A default for all women is to hate the way they look and constantly compare themselves to others.

Not fitting the definition of what society deems beautiful is common due to the unrealistic expectations and pressures put on women. It’s time to uprise and start loving yourself for you and let go of the need to conform. Here is a guide of being kind to yourself and loving yourself in a society that tells you to do anything but.

Look In The Mirror Every Day And Pick Out Things You Love

The mirror for a self-loathing woman is a place of dread. Your mind suddenly kicks into the biggest and meanest critic you will ever come across in your life. You pick out all the things that society force woman to believe are “imperfections” – i.e, stretch marks, cellulite, wobbly bits and pigmentation. But the truth is EVERYONE has them – even men. It’s what makes you a real human being, and a warrior that has fought all that life has thrown at you, and half of whether you have them or not, is genetics. They are not bad or ugly in any way – they make you – you. And therefore, you should love them. Look in the mirror every day – all year round – and start telling yourself why you love everything about you.

Fill Your Social Media With Positivity

If you haven’t already done this – go to all of your social media accounts and delete all accounts that spread anything other than positivity, light and self-love; any account that tells you should be anything other than who you are right at this second. Due to how much time is spent on social media, surrounding yourself with a positive and healthy mindset on it, will help to slowly wear away at your loathing and help you start to think about yourself more positively. It’s important to stop comparing yourself to unrealistic ideas and accept “YOU” for you, and following advocates for self-love on Social Media is a great starting point.

Seek Help If You Need To

Self-loathing can affect you deeply in so many ways, that it is important, to be honest with yourself about whether you may need a professional to help you. Drug treatment centres near you can help if you have turned to any substances to relieve the pain that comes with self-loathing, and there are many resources out there to help if your self-loathing has caused you to feel depressed or anxious.

You should also talk to a professional if you suspect you have any symptoms of an eating disorder – which is, unfortunately, a very common side effect of self-loathing. Even just talking to a loved one or a close friend about how you are feeling can help. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of – it is incredibly brave and a leap in the direction of feeling better. Here’s to self-love.

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