Be Mindful This Month

Because the mind and body are not separate. What affects one affects the other.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in everything we do in day to day life. Whether that be brushing our teeth in the morning, practicing exercise or drinking our tea. The idea behind mindfulness is that it can greatly improve our mental health as we allow our minds to drift away from busy thoughts for a while and simply concentrate on what we are doing. Here are some ways you can be mindful this month.

Make it part of everyday

As we said above, you can bring the practice of mindfulness to the most menial of tasks. This way we find that these small tasks become more interesting to us in the long run. Try bringing the technique to when you are getting dressed, having a shower or even when you are cooking dinner. It will focus your mind and often help you be more conscious with what you are doing.

First thing in the morning

The best time to practice mindfulness is first thing in the morning as you wake up. It sets the tone for your entire day and will mean that you are more likely to continue being mindful for the rest of the day. Make sure that you do this as you sit up in bed, before you get up and start the day.  


Our brains are incredible things. They can hold memories from decades ago, they can even make up whole worlds of their own as we sleep. Our mind likes to wander, and sometimes it is healthy to let it. Letting your mind wander can actually be a great benefit for it, but you also want to learn how to gently bring it back to focus on the day ahead.

Short and sweet

We do not need to be mindful for every second of every day, because quite frankly that would be a little exhausting. But a few times a day practicing the art of being mindful is plenty to keep our minds happy and healthy. These only have to be small moments, for example take a moment to notice how your clothes feel against your skin – a simple act like this is the perfect example of mindfulness.

While you wait

We are all stuck in situations now and again where we have nothing to do but wait. It could be a long queue in the café at lunchtime, a traffic jam first thing in the morning, or maybe you are waiting to use the ATM. Whatever the situation, this is the perfect opportunity to bring your focus inward and concentrate on your actions.

Learn Meditation

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Courses will often include some type of meditation, which is ideal as a form of the practice. Meditation teaches us to bring our focus inward, ignore the outside world for a moment and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of our bodies. Using meditation as a way to practice mindfulness is ideal, and it can greatly reduce our risk of developing a stress related illness such as anxiety or depression.

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