Survive And Thrive In A Small Office

Tried, tested and true.

Let’s face it; working in an office can be challenging enough, let alone working in a small environment where you feel like you are getting on top of each other all the time. But there are some ways that you can make the best of your situation. Essentially, it is all about being respectful of each other’s space, minimising any potential conflicts that may arise and dealing with any issues professionally. If you are struggling in this type of environment, this article is here to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Take Phone Conversations Elsewhere (If Possible)

When you are working in a small office, it can be very difficult to hear yourself think, let alone have a phone conversation. If possible, take these outside of the office on your mobile, especially if they are conversations of a personal nature. If you do have conversations within the office, try to keep them brief or use a meeting room if there is one available.

Smells and Noises

First of all, think twice before bringing in any particularly foul-smelling lunch items into the office with you. If you need to, you could always keep these type of things out in the car in a cooler so check out some recommended ice coolers here. Try to dispose of any trash elsewhere so the smells don’t build up in your office. If you are going to listen to music while working, choose a mutually agreeable radio station or at least implement a policy where you take it in turns to choose the music.

Take a Minimalist Approach

Since you don’t have a huge amount of room to manoeuvre, you should take a minimalist approach to the things you store on your desk. Try to limit it to commonly-used office supplies and equipment – and maybe a couple of trinkets and photos to keep on your desk as well. Try to set aside a time when you can declutter on a regular basis as it is very easy for things to build up quickly.

Ask Before Borrowing

Some people are very particular with what you can borrow, so always ask before you take anything. If it is possible, pool together some communal items and make sure that everyone knows to put them all back again when they are finished using them.

Speak to People Politely

Considerate office behaviour should be a two-way street, and you should speak to your colleagues with respect. Any issues that you have are magnified when you are working in a small environment. If you do have any problems along the way, make sure that you speak to your colleagues in a private setting so that you can resolve them together.

These are just a few of the ways that you can not only survive, but thrive in your small office. Who knows, you might even learn to love it after a while – stranger things have happened!  

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