4 Anti-Aging Tricks You Could Do In Your Sleep


No matter what we do, we cannot stop the fact that the years get added onto our age. Cryogenics isn’t widely available yet, and you’d only miss out on all the people in your life anyway. No one likes to look old before their time if they can possibly help it, and there isn’t a magic potion that can be given to you to stop the process in its tracks entirely.

In saying that, there is a lot you could do – even while you sleep – that could turn the clock back just a tiny bit at a time. Keeping your youthful looks may not be a necessity for life, but it is something that is necessary if your self-esteem would be affected by it. Sleep is known to be one of the best things for you, and you’ll know this if people have told you how tired you’ve been looking.

While it’s not nice to have a pale face with dark circles under the eyes pointed out to you by people around you, it’s something that does happen! Never fear, though, as the smallest changes that you make right now could make a huge difference to your life going forward, and we’ve made a note of the best things you could do while you sleep for your skin.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise…Mask? You should already have a routine for night time moisturising in place. If you don’t read here about how to get that routine down. Hydrate your skin with Laneige sleeping mask just before you go to bed and watch how your skin changes. Always make sure you wash and dry your face with a good soap and water before applying any creams or masks and never forget your neck. There’s no use having youthful cheeks that contrast your neck.

Clean Up. Taking off makeup and any perfumes on your skin before bedtime is so important. Washing your face before bedtime and using products to remove makeup is going to make a difference to your skin. While you’re cleaning your skin, ensure you have fresh pillow cases on your bed every three days. Otherwise you’re just sleeping on the same old dirt over and over!

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Herbal Tea.
Before bedtime, you should be limiting caffeine to get a proper, restful sleep. Adding in herbal tea is the best thing you could do for yourself. Not only is it a holistic sleep aid and can help keep you calm in the night, you’ll be feeding your skin the best nutrients and vitamins while you slumber.

Humidify. Skin is always in desperate need of hydration, and using a humidifier is a wonderful way to get the moisturiser really into your skin at a deeper level. Keep fresh water on the bedside table during the night for extra hydration!

Sleep is a wonderful aid to feeling energised and restful, and your skin and eyes can benefit far more from a good night of sleep than they can from being exhausted. Head to bed a little earlier to really soak up the benefits!

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