Your Ultimate First Date Makeup Rules

Lock in a second date like a pro.

Few things in the world are quite as stress-inducing as a first date. You are so focused on making a good impression that your mind delves into complete chaos and this is why you sometimes end up making horrendous choices.

Everything else aside, one thing we can certainly help you with is your makeup. There is no definite rule of what you should put on your face and ultimately, you should have fun and be happy. But in case you really need to figure out how to paint yourself, here are some tips that will help you out.

Prep Your Face

Okay, so start by using a suitable toner for your face. This will get rid of any dirt and grime on your face and make it more evenly toned.

Next, moisturize your face nicely so that your makeup does not get a rough canvas to stick to.

Use a serum if you find it necessary. It helps bring a natural glow to your face and make it look smooth.

Lastly, put on some primer. Primers form a barrier between your skin and the makeup to avoid contamination of the makeup in the pores of your skin. They also make your makeup long lasting.

Go for a more “natural look

Try to not overdo your makeup for the first date. Go for a natural or nude lipstick shade and a soft blush with naturally smoked out eyes. As much as we love glittery eyeshadow and red lipstick, the first date is not really the best time for them.

Instead of focusing on pigments, try to go for a good contour and highlight combo. This will help in making you look fantastic without it seeming like you have caked up too much!

Find the Perfect Lip Color for You

Figure out your undertones. There are many ways to do so; you can look them up online.

If you are cool toned, go for a cool pinkish-brown shade, a blue-pink shade or even a muted blue-red would look awesome.

If you are warm-toned, go for coral, peach, orange-red or warm brown.

Prime your lips and line them before applying the lipstick to get the full impact of the color without creating messy edges. Apply more than one coat of lipstick to make it last longer.

Bring Out Your Eyes

Never skip the mascara! Nothing beautifies your eyes like a good mascara! Use a mascara which helps lift your lashes to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Use a white eyeliner to line your lower lash line to give the appearance of bigger eyes.

Apply eye-shadow primer before applying eye-shadow and eyeliner to make it last longer.

Use natural eyeshadow, according to your undertones, and create a natural smokey look instead of a dark one.

Set it Up

Set your finalized makeup look with a good setting spray to make it last all night.


Now that you are all dolled up (naturally), it is time to admire your visage and get that much-needed confidence boost!

Main photo cred – Weheartit

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