A Ve-Gan Can: Saving The World One Meal At A Time

When will people wake the f up???

“Okay, everyone, we’re going to give up meat for the foreseeable future.” Cue panic which results in hot sweats and sleepless nights. “Oh, and we’re also not going to eat anything which comes from animals. So, no dairy. That will be all.” Panic has now turned into a full-scale riot which resembles an apocalypse movie!

The idea of being a vegan doesn’t appeal to lots of people. Okay, that’s an understatement because the average person would instead give up booze before meat. But, although it is possible to avoid meat guilt, there’s no doubt it’s harmful to the planet.

Becoming a vegan helps Mother Earth, man, and here are the reasons why.

Cuts CO2 Emissions

Do you think planes, trains and automobiles are the world’s leading polluters? They seem like an obvious choice, but the answer is cows. Yep, those delicious, leather-bound grazers emit tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Plus, the filthy sons-of-guns don’t mind releasing everything from methane to nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. How rude. Because the human population needs beef to survive (it’s the law), civilisation is its own worst enemy. Being a vegan means there is no need to fuel the self-perpetuating circle of life. Sure, life isn’t as tasty, but it’s longer-lasting.

Conserves Water

They’re at it again. In a world where millions of people don’t have clean drinking water, livestock guzzle litres of it every day. Over the course of a year, a herd can go through millions of litres. To add insult to injury, animals are one of the biggest polluters of fresh water. Although the majority of readers can turn a faucet, the reality is water is a finite resource. And, it’s the single most important one in human history. Corporations such as Smithfield Foods are doing their bit, and everyone else should too. No one wants water rationing, which doesn’t happen with naturally occurring food.

Now, this is going to seem like a hatchet job on cows and livestock, but they have a lot to answer for. A herd chilling in a field seems insignificant enough, yet that is just the tip of the iceberg. Before they go out to graze, a farmer needs to use a massive amount of energy. Seen as farmers aren’t known for using renewable energy sources, the chances are fossil fuels get burned. Cutting down on meat means less livestock in farms, which in turn means less energy wastage.

Photo cred – Commons

Fights Hunger

Some people say veganism makes you hungrier, but that’s beside the point. The fact is millions of people don’t have enough food to survive. All the while, the western world uses up tonnes of crops to feed animals which end up in the slaughterhouse. The US alone uses 70% of farm produce to feed livestock. Cutting back on meat means the majority of that food could go to helpless people with no food. Okay, it may be unrealistic, but it’s a thought nonetheless.

Just think: the next time you cook, you could save a life as well as the planet.

Main photo cred – Weheartit

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