Eat Meat Without Feeling Guilty

Your anti-vegan guide.

I’d say that the idea of eating meat was a very regular thing not too long ago. Hardly anyone would speak out about vegetarianism or
going vegan, we’d let everyone get on with their lives. Now, it feels like eating meat is something to feel ashamed about. Vegans are also campaigning about how we should all stop eating meat, it can sometimes make you feel guilty when you’re enjoying one of your favourite meals.

Personally, I don’t have anything against any particular diet. If you want to be vegan or vegetarian, fantastic, you do you. If you like eating meat, well done, that’s totally up to you. What I don’t like is being made to feel bad for choosing to eat something. Yes, we all know the reasons not to eat meat, but you shouldn’t force your dietary beliefs on someone else. So, this one’s for any meat lovers out there that want to eat their favourite dishes without feeling guilty about it.

Think About Protein

Meat is one of the best sources of protein we can find, which is an essential nutrient if you want to build muscle and have a healthy diet. A key argument against meat is that you can get protein from other sources. While this is true, it’s often made to seem like things contain more protein than they actually do.

Take a look at this tofu article on The Spruce as a prime example. It says there’s around 10g of protein in 4 oz tofu. You think, wow, who needs meat when I have protein in tofu! But, it also says in 4 oz of ground beef there’s 26g of protein. More than double the amount, in the same serving size. So, if protein is a firm fixture in your diet, eat meat and don’t feel bad about it.

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Look For Sustainable Brands

A key argument against meat eating is that the process of raising animals and turning them into food isn’t sustainable. It uses up loads of energy and resources, which can damage the planet. As with most claims against meat eating, this is a very broad shout. There are plenty of sustainable brands like Smithfield Foods in the meat production industry.

My advice is to do a bit of research and figure out with companies make the most effort to be sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. This way, you can eat their meat without feel guilty about the environment.

Ethical Farming

Following on from this idea of sustainability, you should also look for ethical brands. These are companies that farm their animals naturally and ethically. They don’t coup them up in cages or inject them with bad stuff, everything is normal and natural. There’s a gross misconception that all farming is bad when it’s not. Research different brands to find a meat producer that farms ethically.

Now, if you want to add some meat to your diet, you can. Don’t feel guilty about it, it’s your choice, and you’re getting nutrition from the meat as well as ensuring it’s from a sustainable and ethical source.

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