3 Lifestyle Hacks For Natural Beauty

This is what all super models do!

Everyone basically wants to be and feel as beautiful as possible,
but a lot of what the beauty industry has to say revolved around different purchases you can make. Maybe it’s a new, and incredibly pricey, makeup kit, or it could be a pair of heels that have the price-tag force to max out a whole stack of credit cards.

Of course makeup and clothes play a major part in beauty, but another part is in doing the best you can for your own natural looks, before worrying about the best outfit to wear out for a night on the town.

Here are some straightforward lifestyle tips which can boost your natural beauty practically overnight.

Cold showers

Yeah, it’s a pretty horrible sounding suggestion, but there’s a lot of reason to start turning the temperature dial to “cold” when you’re in the shower. Cold showers are known to improve blood flow throughout the body, including to the face, resulting in brighter and clearer skin, with less under-eye bags.

Cold showers are also easier on your hair, and help to maintain your hair’s natural oils, instead of harshly stripping them away and leaving you with brittle split ends and an itchy scalp.

There’s more to it as well. Cold showers release certain feel-good endorphins and hormones, help to relax you, and reduce the effects of stress. All of these things work towards improving your looks over time.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to have your whole shower cold. Try keeping the temperature hot while you wash off, but then turn it to cold when it comes time to rinse off your conditioner at the end, and stand under the cold water for a minute or two.

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A low carb diet

If you’ve recently needed to buy yourself a pants button extender, it might be that your diet needs a few adjustments.

One of the best diets for quick and healthy weight loss is a low carb diet. Studies show that keto diets — really low carb, high fat diets — are best for fat loss, while also preserving muscle tissue. At the same time, more protein rich diets like the Atkins diet have also been known, for ages, to have great fat-burning effects.

There’s another benefit to keto diets as well. Although trans fats are known to be killers, and should be avoided at all costs, healthy fats such as from olive oil or nuts, are actually essential for our bodies, and play a key role in the health of our skin.

Getting your beauty sleep

“Beauty sleep” might be a cliche term, but it’s a seriously accurate one at the same time. Sleep deprivation shows, with dark bags showing up under sunken, bloodshot eyes, and a general sickly look all over.

There’s a good reason for that. Sleep is essential for the repair and recovery of our bodies, not to mention for the production of the essential hormones — such as growth hormone — which keep us looking and feeling our best.

Getting a full night’s sleep is practically a magic trick for looking your best literally overnight.

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