Dealing With A Rocky Relationship

Sh!t happens, here’s how you can fix it.

Relationships are hard no matter how sweet and perfect they might look on the surface. When you become that close and intimate with somebody and spend a huge portion of your time with them, you’re bound to clash more often than you would with friends or family.

It’s impossible to be that close to somebody and not struggle through differences in opinion, character traits, and habits. No two people are exactly the same, and a relationship with a carbon copy of yourself would be extremely dull, for that matter.

However, there’s a big difference between healthy discussion about topics on which you disagree and a failure to communicate at all, which leads to bitterness and resentment bubbling somewhere beneath the surface. It’s at this point that a relationship becomes rocky. Partners need to work together through their issues; arguments should have the end goal of resolving a problem and not exacerbating it. Here are some tips to help you work through your problems if your relationship is currently struggling.

Open communication

As mentioned above, it’s vital that you communicate with your partner. We’ve discussed the importance of airing concerns with your partner on this site before. You need to tell your partner if you’re unhappy about something they’re doing or some aspect of your relationship as soon as you realize this because failure to do so will only lead to you resenting them, and it might be too late to fix the situation once you realize that this resentment lies beneath the surface.

It might be difficult to deal with the initial conflict if your concern upsets your partner but it’s better to resolve the situation now with a little bit of upset rather than reach the point of no return when things get worse in the future. As mentioned over at, you and your partner need to know that your opinions can and will be heard.


Counseling is a great way of overcoming problems if you’re struggling to communicate with your partner at home. Having a professional in the room to mediate the discussion and guide you towards the important points of discussion is a great way to resolve problems that you and your partner might have been neglecting to discuss. Of course, there’s a chance that your relationship has already passed the point of no return and all you can do at this point is damage control.

If you have children then this becomes particularly important. You might want to head over to sites such as and look into divorce mediation. Even if a romantic relationship ends, you might still need to deal with the fallout if you were married and had children (or simply a house and other financial connections). There can still be a way to achieve a mutual understanding and respect from one another but it all depends on the reason as to why you both ended the relationship.

Letting go of grudges

We’ve all held grudges at some point but they’re ultimately destructive and pointless. You can’t change the past so you have to let go of it, as explained over at You need to talk through issues that may have happened long ago and come to terms with the reasons that lead you or your partner to certain decisions. If you both talk through what happened and agree to move on then you have to be comfortable with doing so. Saying that you’re okay when you really aren’t is unhealthy and it’s unfair to blame your partner if you’re holding all that inside. Again, unaired resentment is a destructive and pointless thing.

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