Pole Dancing Is The BEST Thing You Can Do For Your Body

Especially if you have chronic pain.

Do you enjoy the sport of dancing but have chronic pain and it is really difficult to dance? Well, there are many studies that show pole dancing can help heal chronic pain and even alleviate it
as soon as you start.

Pole dancing is an art that requires a lot of precision and skill as well as strength to do but with
practice and time, it can be all that you need to heal that chronic pain.

In most cases, chronic pain patients are supposed to exercise to help the pain but it just hurts
too much, so if you find something fun, energetic, and unique why not do it or give it a try. Pole
dancing is proving to be a new style of dance and a new style of muscle strengthening activity
for individuals with chronic pain. People with chronic pain can range in severity, however, so
can the level of dance.

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Muscle Strengthening

Pole dancing is a sport where a lot of muscle is involved. If you have chronic pain around your
neck, you would work on strengthening your neck muscles. People who use pole dancing as
their chronic pain relief, work on strengthening muscles to be able to do the dances on the pole.
It is a hard sport to do and takes a lot of strength.

When they strengthen their muscles, not only do they help themselves with the sport, they help
their chronic pain. It makes your body move easier and without having to think, “is this going to

If you do not have a lot of upper body strength that is no reason not to give pole dancing a try.
You do not start out doing crazy flips and climbing to the top. You will be trained by a
professional and you will have to build some muscle before any of that is possible. Safety is

Not only is your safety important, but if your goal is to heal or reverse chronic pain, you need to
build muscle. Muscle is the miracle drug that is your hope here. Even if your goal isn’t to do flips
or climb up high on the pole, pole dancing classes can help you build muscle in your legs, core,
arms, and basically any muscle you did not even know you had.

Self Confidence Booster

When considering pole dancing many people are afraid, afraid they do not have the upper body
strength to do it, afraid to show skin, and afraid of their body being seen in general by others.

Pole dancing classes are very accepting and many people are there for the same reason you
are, for help to alleviate pain that is haunting their lives. When you take classes, no one is there
to judge, only support. It is your goal to alleviate your chronic pain, then make it happen. Dance your
heart away.

When you dance on the pole, your skin needs to be showing to grip the pole. This is why many
people do not try it. However, this is where many people learn to love their bodies even more
and try to overcome their self-consciousness to dance.

Pole dancing also helps build up your self-confidence again. Many people who suffer from
chronic pain feel betrayed by their own body and it is hard to have self-confidence when
everything hurts, so pole dancing helps regain that confidence which in return, helps mentally.

If you do not see yourself mentally as able to do something you cannot and will not but if you
see yourself able to do it mentally you will and can. It is important to have a good state of mind
when you do things and pole dancing can help with that.

What Does It Do For You

Pole dancing is an art. It is hard work and when you go into a studio you have to be prepared to
work. It is important that you will be able to work your hardest even if you cannot do what some
of the others are doing. Pole dancing is so hard that it takes away the pain from your body and
makes you forget about it. You are so in tune with the dancing and learning that you actually
forget about the pain.

When you are working hard you are focusing on that particular object or project, nothing else is
in your mind, not even pain. Pain will be gone from your body at the moment you are in the
classes. It will help your pain and make you feel better during that session.

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Long Term Benefits

Not only does the pain go away for a short term while you are in the classes but pole dancing
helps strengthen a lot of your body’s muscles. This means that your pain will slowly alleviate
itself over a period of time if you continue to put in the work.

Exercise and stronger muscles around the pained area are important to have because it
protects and makes life easier. Pole dancing classes offer a wide variety of levels. This is for
you to choose from because we know that not everyone is looking for the same experiences.

If you are just looking to build muscle to ease your chronic pain, then you do not have to do
crazy stunts on the pole unless you want to after you are trained. Muscle growth with pole
dancing is your main target with chronic pain pole dancing. Your chronic pain can be completely
healed by dancing.

Pain is not a good thing and when you can find something that is fun, full of energy and helps
with your pain, why not give it a shot? Pole dancing is not just for women either, men do dance
on the pole. It is a very complex sport and takes a lot of skill to master.

People spend years learning and mastering new tricks and maneuvers. Pole dancing classes
are unique and will help alleviate your chronic pain at first, however, once you start to have
more muscle build up that is when you will notice a difference with your pain around the clock.
Your chronic pain can be minimized or even healed just with the art of dancing.

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