Alcoholic Beverages That Are Smooth As Silk

Replace a ‘traditional’ glass of wine with something more sophisticated!

At the end of a long hard day, there just isn’t anything quite like a smooth, soothing and punchy alcoholic beverage. Coming home from dealing with people you’d otherwise avoid in public, or simply arguing over different directions you would like to see a narrative or objective at work playout… Sitting down, taking your shoes off, leaning back, sinking into your sofa, and being joined by a glass of wine as a companion is what it’s about.

But there are so many other options, and so many different variations on the same style of drink, sometimes it’s hard to find something you truly like. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure, every one of them goes well with a few ice cubes.

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Vintage cider

The larger brands of all kinds of alcoholic drinks seem to always have the same things in common. Their products are mass produced, so quality automatically suffers, and you can taste nothing but alcohol and weak fermentation. However, there are little diamonds in the rough, like the small family-owned Somerset cider brewers called Thatcher’s Gold from England, UK. Their selection has dry cider made from a single variety of apples.

Their 7.0% multi-variety vintage cider is smooth as silk, yet a little heavy in consistency. It tastes like liquid gold because it’s incredibly refined yet full and bold. If you like something that you can pour into a tall glass and let the ice melt before you quench your thirst, this is something you should be searching high and low for.

Light but with a kick

The Japanese do whiskey, yet that’s right. The great land of the rising sun is famous for its sake, but some companies personally traveled to Scotland to see how scotch was made. When they returned during the 20th century, they started many different kinds of Japanese whiskey.

A light, bright and smooth whiskey goes by the name of Kikori. This may seem like going out on a limb, but the beverage competes directly with the general staples in this department. Whether it’s Jack Daniels or Black Bush, perhaps you should first check out the kikori whiskey price. One thing that sets it apart is that it’s distilled using pure mountain water rather than manufactured or refined water.

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Fruit and sour

One of the best liqueurs in the world, without a doubt, is Disaronno. Made in Italy, this beverage was born to be mixed with something. Orange soda or perhaps fresh blackcurrant juice and in truth anything that takes your fancy goes spectacularly well with it. Naturally, it’s a little fruity, but also has a slight sourness to its tail. It’s a bronze and orange mixture as its color but has a thicker consistency than both whiskey or beer. It’s not as strong as scotch, but just above hitting range of most things on the shelf.

It’s fine to have a drink that is going to give you that slow burn of alcohol hitting your system to help you relax at the end of a rough day. Alcohol should be about enjoyment and savoring the flavor at the moment the icy drink touches your lips. Beverages that are smooth as silk have an extra quality to them. They’re more refined and above the norm, but also make it easy to unwind.

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