Becoming A Better You Is Easier Than You Think

Read this post every day as your mantra.

You’ve probably read a million ‘become a better you’ posts all over the internet. They are awash in YouTube channels, social media advertising, and the platforms which ‘life coach gurus’ enjoy speaking from. Almost every single person instinctively knows how they can live a better, more wholesome life.

Many people neglect to do this though because they feel that the effort is sometimes not worth it. Of course, this is not to take away from the reality people experience when trying to improve their life, only to struggle due to some form of addiction or other terrible circumstance which impedes their decision-making process.

However, we’d like to posit the following to you. Something which will help cut through the ice and help you take that first tentative step forward to becoming someone you love and appreciate, even if that’s not the case right now. That something is: Becoming a better you is easier than you think. This sounds sacrilegious to the people who have met a challenge in their life.

This is true.

There are challenges out there, waiting to harm you and hurt you and test you with every strength of your being to make it through. However, like Marcus Aurelius, famous stoic philosopher of Rome once said, ‘Perception Is Everything.’ He went on to discuss how if you don’t feel harmed, you are not harmed. You have the power to define the circumstances in your life and what they mean to you, even if you haven’t been able to do this in the past.

If you feel as though you’re looking for that phenomenal life change that can help bust you out of depression, fatigue, or you’re simply bored with the current state of affairs in your life, following our guide to becoming a better person, and changing your mind to allow you to do this, will give you a solid footing in the right direction.

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Accept Yourself

The only way we can ever make progress is to look in the mirror and see no enemy. We all reject ourselves in various ways. Largely, this is healthy, because it allows you to assess your faults and know where the work is to be done. However, too much self-critical talk can lead to you struggling to make it out of the hole. The only way to begin in this instance is to accept yourself wholly and totally. Accept who you are, at this very moment. Look in the mirror, and smile to yourself.

No matter your flaws, no matter how much you have experienced, you are here at this moment, and you have survived, despite everything. You have the power to live a life you truly love, but only if you take right now as your starting point, and make the promise that you’re going to begin prioritizing positive momentum over fatigue and bad habits. You don’t need to become a superman to be happy, but you do need a positive purpose with you throughout all of your days to feel happy as a person. Allow yourself the freedom to do this.

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Change Your Self-Talk

Your thoughts create your personality. Your personality creates your actions. Your actions create your consistent behaviour. Your consistent behaviour contributes to your journey and the narrative of your life. For this reason, it’s important to keep an eye on the first part of this process, your thoughts. You don’t need to be mindful of absolutely everything you do because that can only mean you act in a restrictive and difficult way. However, changing your self-talk and your habits can help tremendously in this instance. Try and think positively, and attempt to see the good in every situation, at least as much as you can.  

There are a few physical means you can use to help this happen. Meditation is one, as it can help you overcome your normal thought process and see it for what it is, just chatter in response to your environment. It can help you become a much more rounded person when you have more control over your actions during your daily life, so be sure to begin a mindfulness program and learn the benefits of doing so as soon as you can. Doing so can also help you gain the best advantage when it comes to warding off neurological diseases with age, but right now the personality benefits can be more than enough.

Another awesome way to do this is with guided meditation or hypnosis tapes. Browse these hypnosis downloads to find the best ones suitable for you and what you’re looking for. This can help you begin the positive affirmations which help turn your positive thoughts into reality. As you think, you shall become, and so kickstarting this process with tools like this can be truly invaluable.

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Meet Challenge

Meeting challenge sounds difficult, but it isn’t. Of course, the surface level difficulty of completing the task is something which must be met. But, changing your attitude to meet it is the easiest part. It’s free, and it takes no extra effort to think ‘I can do this’ as opposed to ‘this is going to be super tough!’ The thing you will notice as you become better at meeting challenges, and more confident in its presence, is that it’s not a foe. It is a friend.

Challenge exists to help stimulate us. It helps us feel like we earned our victories. It provides the necessary counterbalance to help lift us up, not crush us under. Going after your goals and dreaming about the possibilities you have at your disposal will help you meet challenge with intensity.

It sounds almost spiritual to say, but you will notice that if you go after your goals, things will merge around you to help you achieve them. Even people who have experienced great personal challenge in their life have managed to overcome the difficulties they have experienced and become more in touch with their life and the way they define it for themselves.

Meeting challenge will not only help you in the short term but making a friend of it will help you make your attitude to life that little bit more friendly. This is the best way to simply become a happier individual in your time on this earth. Who could blame you in this regard? After all, even if challenge is the most difficult and harrowing thing you can experience in reality, if you feel like it hasn’t harmed you, you haven’t been harmed. It is for this reason that we’d say challenge is easier than you think because as you think, challenge becomes.


No man or woman is an island. For this reason, surrounding yourself with wonderful people from all walks of life will give you the stability you need to help focus on your goals, and share the bounty with people you truly deeply love. It’s so much easier to meet a challenge when you’re with someone else, or have that special someone at home to help discuss the issue with. After all a problem shared is a problem halved.

The ‘lone wolf’ phenomena is simply a myth, no matter how antisocial or introverted you believe yourself to be. Social necessities must simply win out in order to have a life you enjoy. A fresh perspective can come from the unlikeliest of places. It’s likely that a true and honest discussion can give you the ability to progress in the fields you want with much more clarity than ever before. While changing your negative thought patterns is good, discussing them with another can be even better, because you are bringing your feelings into reality, and seeing the reaction in the presence of another.

The Truth

The very best way around the insidious difficulty our cultures are facing is to tell the truth at all times, to the best of your ability, no matter the consequence. This shouldn’t mean that you are blunt, rude or hurtful to people, but it does mean respecting them enough to keep them oriented in your true opinions. Even though the truth can sometimes hurt with no one being at fault, lying can only take you into dark places which are difficult to evade. People who are addicted or partake in bad habits are often lying to themselves about the negative consequences, and that is the most destructive thing to keep in these cases.

Telling the truth as much as you can will help you become a much better, much more rounded individual, and the ability to do so is always yours and costs nothing. Over time, you will begin to live as your authentic self, because you won’t be in the habit of deceiving anyone. Your relationships will become better, and the relationships based on deception will evaporate. You will naturally find more positive people surrounding you, and that’s a positive goal to strive for.

Becoming better means you try and follow all of the previous points listed here. Not only will you have a much better time because of them, but your self-respect will grow to high levels. We wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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