Make A Change, Not An Overhaul! Three Things To Introduce Into Your Life

Bake your way into the best version of yourself.

Changing your life doesn’t have to be a major overhaul,
it can be all about making little and effective changes. The idea that people go on a diet to lose weight is the wrong attitude to take because the idea of it being a diet implies that it is a temporary thing.

Instead, it’s better to implement lifestyle changes, things that you will do on a regular basis in your life from now on. Here are three things to implement as regularly as possible.

Have A Cold Shower

Most people can think of nothing worse; however, there are so many benefits to having a cold shower in the morning. The moment you turn the shower dial to cold, and you feel those icy cold daggers spraying your body… you will feel awake and alert.

We naturally take in a deep breath of oxygen, which will not only improve our breathing quality over time, but it will increase your heart rate and releases a rush of blood throughout your whole body, which will energize you more than any coffee!

It’s also great for your hair, as the cold water doesn’t strip it of its natural oils. Try it! Seriously!

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While the idea of baking a sweet treat isn’t the pinnacle of health, the practice of baking is known to be a great reliever of stress. But you can make little swaps in your baking to make it healthier if you wanted to; a lot of people are swapping cocoa powder for cacao now. Cacao is essentially a healthier version of cocoa powder but is also full of magnesium, calcium, and has more antioxidants than blueberries.

Another one to try is maca powder, which is readily available online through health websites like Isula Nature, and its own Isula Nature Maca brand. Maca is known to be a great hormone balancer, and is also good for aiding fertility in men and women.

Another alternative to baking is a quicker approach, making fat bombs, which are loaded with vitamins and minerals, depending on what you put in your fat bombs, but instead of putting your mixture in the oven as you would have done with your cake, you just put it in the freezer!

Alone Time

Some people think that being on their own is a scary thing, but these people haven’t been on their own properly! The benefits of a bit of alone time are many, but the one big thing you learn about being on your own is resilience. Because you aren’t relying on other people, it forces you to think of ways to support yourself in an emotional sense. It’s a great way to help you develop self-esteem, but it’s also an excellent way to recharge properly.

If you have a busy life, constantly around people, it can be draining in some respects. So by being on your own, gives you mental quiet to recharge your mind and your body. This is why lots of people, especially entrepreneurs and CEOs, swear by meditation. This is the best way to get time to yourself but also to calm that internal chatter.

These three things, if you can build them into your regular life, you will see a drastic improvement in your energy levels and mood. So give them a go and reap the benefits.

Main photo cred – Weheartit

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