Celebrating A Long Distance Anniversary

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In today’s modern age, it’s difficult to make time for our loved ones, relatives and even our friends. That’s why more and more people are being forced to celebrate occasions like anniversaries over a long distance instead of simply going out for a meal or getting intimate at home.

This is especially true for people who work busy schedules and are expected to travel all around the world. While you can always reserve that time off for your special occasion, it’s not always practical to do so and, assuming you’re both understanding, there are still some wonderful ways to celebrate an anniversary over a long distance.

Breaking Tradition

One of the first things to consider is to break tradition. Perhaps you and your partner have frequented the same restaurant the past five years in a row and you’re both frustrated that it can’t happen this year. Although it’s not the best outcome you could’ve expected, it’s one that you should come to terms with. After all, there will always be things that can throw a wrench into your plans, so don’t be too frustrated if you have to break tradition for a single year for the sake of work or more urgent matters.

Use the Internet

The internet presents many unique opportunities to celebrate a long distance anniversary. One of the most common is to have an internet date using video chat services like Skype. With just a laptop or a computer armed with a webcam, you can chat together, eat a meal together or even play a game together. It can be a little strange or awkward for first timers, but you can get used to it and it’s really useful for couples that are frequently separated due to work or family reasons. Just keep in mind that time differences could affect your date times, so try and work something out with your partner by planning ahead so it’s successful.

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Send Gifts

Of course, an anniversary isn’t complete without looking at websites to find gifts for her. Sending a gift is easy thanks to modern technology and shipping practices, but the difficulty comes in picking what to send! What you pick will depend entirely on the interests you share, how long you’ve been together and the message you want to send. You can pick anniversary gifts based on certain themes, such as a show or brand that your partner really enjoys, or maybe you can pick something generic such as a shopping voucher to one of their favourite stores. Just make sure you take into account shipping times so that it arrives on time.

Be Sentimental

Spending an anniversary together over a long distance probably isn’t something you want to get used to, but it’s something that can eventually happen. Don’t let it ruin your relationship and don’t let it get you down—there are plenty of sentimental ways to spend the day together to make it just as special as a candlelit dinner.

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