9 + 1 Signs That Your Man Is Being Sketchy AF

Catch him before he plays you.

I get plenty of messages from my female readers who share their love struggles with me. I noticed one common thing: when you’re in love with someone and care deeply for them – you stop analyzing their behaviour and start to accept everything with no questions asked. It’s really sweet if you’re with the right guy. However, if your significant other is actually an asshole in disguise – that’s when your lack of judgement and rational thinking can put you in a shitty situation.

I thought of a few things that should make you question your man and, at the very least, confront him about his sketchy behaviour. Here we go:

10. He changes his password

If all of a sudden your man has a new password on his phone, then it should be an instant conversation starter, like, “Babe, why did you change the password on your phone?” You’ll feel if he’s being sketchy, female intuition is a beautiful thing.

9. He presents you VERY casually

Pay close attention to the way he presents you to his family and friends. Is it, “Meet the woman of my life…” or “Hi everyone, this is Jessica!” Can you feel the difference?

8. He’s a psycho around you

Does he lose his cool quickly for absolutely no reason? Does he scream and call you names even though you’re on your best behaviour? You should 100% talk about it and find the real root of the problem.

7. He likes other girls’ pics on Insta

There is no reason for a man in a committed relationship to like/comment on other girls’ photos unless it’s your aunt’s 50th birthday party pics. If he leaves heart emojis under some girl’s bikini pics or even an “innocent” like, that’s a major red flag. So sketch.

6. He initiates a fight right before an important date

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and he literally starts a fight out of nowhere and stops talking to you. Couple of days later, he’s back in your life – SUPER SKETCHY.

5. His schedule changes

Let’s say you used to hang out every other day, but now he can only see you on Tuesdays because he’s “really busy with work.” If he didn’t change jobs, this sudden switch in his schedule is really SKETCHY.

4. He ignores all “important” talks

You’ve been together for over a year now and he still refuses to talk about building a family together. That’s not OK. If a man doesn’t look at you as a serious partner even after a year, then it’s not your man.

3. He doesn’t feel like cuddling or showing any PDA

Let’s say he’s always been down for any sort of physical affection and now, all of a sudden, he’s rejecting your attempts at being cute together. Something’s definitely off and you need to talk about it.

2. Random text messages

It’s after midnight and his phone doesn’t stop lighting up. Who’s texting him at this time? Ask him.

1. He freaks out when you confront him

For example, after reading this post, you get super pumped about confronting him. Let’s say you ask him why he keeps liking all these bikini pics and he just goes crazy on you… like, “Why don’t you trust me? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you on your period?” Easy dude, why are you so SKETCHY?!

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