My Sugar Daddy Pays My Rent!

*eye roll* or *heart eyes*???

Cluam Sutherland is a transexual (or gender fluid? I’m honestly so confused) YouTube personality from Australia. She began her YouTube channel in September 2015 and earned more than 100,000 subscribers since. Last time I checked on her channel, she was at around 70K subscribers. Couple of months later she reached 100K. I was like, “Ok, people obviously love this!” So here I am, spilling the beans for those of you who love to sneak on other people’s lives as much as I do.

Cluam’s sugar daddy stories mixed with her Australian accent are ridiculously fascinating to watch. It’s like slutty theatre (watch this to understand the meaning of “slutty theatre” lol) with a pinch of story telling videos! If you have a couple of minutes (or hours) to waste, watch her vids – you’ll get hooked, but not in a good way. It’ll be like watching the Kardashians and turn into your dirty little secret.

The other night

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I have a 6th sense when it comes to Youtubers and the level of truthfulness that comes along with their story time videos. Something tells me that Cluam is not as slutty as she tries to portray herself in her videos. Also, not all of her sugar daddy characters are real. It’s still super entertaining nonetheless.

Another really fun thing to do is to read the comments under her videos. You’ll be surprised at how many people fell in love with Cluam’s YouTube character. The first time I scrolled through the comments’ section, I was expecting more negative and derogatory statements, but that wasn’t at all the case which is weird, because most other sugar daddy videos get completely trashed by viewers.

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s the video that the title of this article is referring to! Have fun:

Main photo cred – Cluam Sutherland

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