SAVAGE Anti-Aging Routine Customized By A Skincare Expert

Your baby face is just a click away.

Is it possible to find sufficiently intense active ingredients in natural cosmetics to be able to put together an extreme anti-aging routine? Yassss girl, yasss!

As I mentioned in my previous article, the assets of natural vs. chemical ingredients are often the same, only their source is different. Natural active ingredients (such as retinol, vitamin C, AHA, algae, exfoliating agents, etc.) are derived from vegetable sources and have the advantage of being softer on the skin.

I have to confess: I am addicted to extreme anti-aging routines because I like to have quick results, but I also care for the long run! That’s why I decided to reveal my rare pearls in here, my highly effective anti-aging jewels including creams, sheet-masks, serums and eye creams!


ANNEMARIE BORLIND – Vitamin Beauty shot – Price: around 65$

Ok, I have to admit – I’m really charmed by the packaging. It looks absolutely amazing! I was like, “Wow!” The texture is in between a gel and an emulsion. You really don’t need a lot of product to do the job! Just one shot is the perfect amount for your entire face + neck.

The formula is boosted with the most interesting ingredients. Inside you’ll find vitamin E, goji (packed with carotenoids), acai (antioxidant) and sea buckthorn (used as a skin lightener) berry extracts. It helps with free radicals while fighting against skin ageing.

Plus, I find that it really helps when you look tired or you ARE tired (like when you took one too many shots last night, for example).


ANDALOU NATURALS – Instant Brighten & Tighten Hydro Serum Facial Mask – approx 8$ each

This sheet mask looks like nothing but… it’s amazing! It’s boosted with: vitamin C, hyaluronic acid (plumps + helps hydrate the skin), sea buckthorn, 8 berry complex, curcuma, hibiscus and green tea extract. Woo hoo!!! Everything we need to fight dullness, skin aging and dark spots!

You simply leave it on a clean skin for 10 minutes and then take it off. I love the fact that even if it contains vitamin C, it does not irritate epidermis.


DAVINCIA – Vitalita cream – 151.00$

Created by a naturopath, this prestige natural cosmetic line is really one of a kind! The ingredients they use in their formula are super effective. They manage to bring science and nature together in a perfect union.

In this cream you’ll find: coral calcium (rich in minerals and trace elements), hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, bamboo extract (rich in silicia), carrot oil (vitamin A), colloidal oats (soothing), cucumber pulp extract, nenuphar roots (antioxidant) and licorice extract (helps to fight dark spots).

They also offer Davincia facials at some clinics! It’s my next step and I will let you know about my overall experience!


100% PURE – Coffee bean caffeine eye cream – approx 26 $

I think you already know what I want to talk about. We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, but caffeine really works to decongest the eye area! No lies here. This cream is very light on the skin and penetrates really fast. You don’t need a big amount, just a drop for both eyes and that’s it!

This formula also includes rose water, aloe vera, rosemary leaf, green tea extract, Arabica seed, vanilla and many more. You must try it, I swear it works!

P.S. You can find the majority of these products online via or You can also go directly to stores like: La moisson supermarché and Tau.

Main photo cred – weheartit

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