Psychologist Explains Why Some People Will Never Be Rich

Poor” is a state of mind. 
A lot of people I know are convinced that someone who was born into a poor or middle-class family will never make it in the biz. Another popular belief is – not knowing the “right” people in the industry can hold you down. Both opinions are really outdated. Sounds like something my distant relatives would say in a very conclusive manner. Like, yep, life is unfair, that’s just how things roll in this world.

I remember watching Marina Abramović, a Yugoslavia-born performance artist, who I am completely obsessed with. She’s done plenty of fucked up shit, look her up if you’ve never heard about her, she’s amazing. Anyway, she had a crazy-controlling mother and, in her own words, “a hell of childhood.” She said something that I’ll never forget, “Looking back […], it was so important to have this miserable childhood, because nobody ever does anything out of happiness.” She’s convinced that children with sad childhoods have better chances of becoming amazing artists, because there’s so much material to work with.

I’ll take Marina’s words and twist them to fit inside the context of my article. I believe that kids that come from rich families don’t necessarily have as much motivation to succeed as kids who were born into poor families. More often than not, the latter ones will want to work harder, make more money than their parents and change their financial status in order to prove themselves in the eyes of the society. Whereas kids from rich families can just “take it easy” and enjoy their families’ prosperity. I’ve seen kids from wealthy families give great pitches on Shark Tank, but that’s rather an exception to the rule.

We have so many examples of people who were born into poor or just average families, yet achieved great success businesswise. Take Sophia Amoruso, for example, the original #girlboss and founder of Nasty Gal. She was basically a bum before starting her mega-successful online clothing store. Or Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, who was the son of a mail carrier and a homemaker.

According to one of my favorite Russian psychologists, Dr. Labkovskiy, the very first symptom of someone who will never get rich is a state of constant worry for tomorrow. If you ever catch yourself thinking, “what if this” and “what if that,” then you’re on the wrong path.

Things like meticulous money saving (not because you have some left-over money, instead you purposely save a chunk of money that you would otherwise spend on something else, “self-deprivation” style), or having a sum saved up “in case of emergency” or crazy detailed budgeting – all these things lead to poverty apparently. That’s definitely something I need to work on. When it comes to money, I can’t just take a chill pill and live day by day. I want to plan, invest and save up. Luckily my husband is the total opposite of me, so together we make a good balance.

Another example of a poor man’s mentality is that he is never confident of his own worth. You know, the kind of people who will say this at a job interview, “I am so honoured to be here in front of you. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!” They don’t view this interview as a meeting of two equals where the company is looking for an employee, and the employee is looking for a company. Both parties are equally interested in each other. Instead, the “poor man” downplays his importance and puts the company on an unnecessary pedestal. 

So what are the traits of a “rich man?” Well, according to Labkovskiy, he’s not afraid of spending money. You know when you walk into a store and see something that’s clearly out of your budget, but you buy it anyway. You’re confident in your own ability of making money. You never deprive yourself from anything, because the finances are running low or you have a big expense coming up… “Money is meant to be spent!” – that’s a “rich man’s” motto.

Being fired is never a problem because a “rich man” can always find his way out of any situation. Moreover, a “rich man” will be more interested in having his own business rather than working for someone else. Stable salaries make people lazy. In other words – “go big or go home.”

Money has a tendency to favour those who take risks – so be fearless!

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