This Was The Most Lit Montreal Weekend Of Our Lives


So the last you heard from us, we were getting ready for an epic Grand Prix weekend! Good news is that we survived and lived to tell the tale of our weekend adventures.

We started off Grand Prix by going to an event at the Mural Festival
on Saint-Laurent street at Station 16. The art gallery by Felipe Pantone was so unique! We really enjoyed the pieces displayed. After walking through the gallery, we headed up to the terrace for some music and drinks overlooking the street.

Photo cred – MyTrueLifestyle

Friday night we took Crescent Street by storm
and walked in the Tru Culture fashion show. So not only did we get to party on stage in front of thousands of people, we also got to cross off the first thing on our summer bucket list, which was to walk in a fashion show. Our nerves were through the roof the entire week leading up to the show, but the minute we hit the stage together to launch some t-shirts at the crowd we had our A game on!

Photo cred – MyTrueLifestyle

After our stint on stage we headed to Somwhr
 for an awesome night of drinks and dancing with our friends! The place was packed and the music was bumping as usual!

Saturday night, we headed to the Martini Rosso Racing party on the rooftop of the Hotel William Grey Hotel. The line to get in was ridiculously long, but once we made it to the top, the views and the drinks were spectacular!

Photo cred – Jilian Clark

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Main photo cred – weheartit


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