World’s Fastest And Most Genius Way To Remove Makeup

The new way to wash love your face!

Literally ALL beauty experts have always insisted on the importance of cleansing your face. What is even more important than cleaning your pretty face every day is to do it with a GENTLE cleanser! Do not be rude with your skin. The gentler you care for your skin, the more it will be able to fight everyday oxidative stress AND you will have less redness, deal?

I am constantly in ‘’search mode’’ to find the most ultra-gentle cleansers and make-up removers. I had the chance to try FACE IT by Cloth in a box over the last two weeks. In fact, I would even say that I pushed the testing to the extreme… Thanks to my allergies – I was lucky enough to have a huge stye during nearly that 2 weeks (Grrrr!!!)…

So, let’s say I really needed a gentle cleanser, otherwise my stye was going to explode or simply take over my face! (The idea is funny but not very practical, haha!).

 Photo cred – Cloth in a Box

What is FACE IT?

It is a gentle cleansing face cloth designed to provide a perfect make-up removal and a deep cleansing action WITHOUT dehydrating your beautiful skin! I looooooove this heart shaped face cloth because it allows me to simply slip my two hands into the corners of the “heart” and thus proceed more easily to cleansing. So fast and easy!

Why will I continue to use it?

The shape is absolutely PERFECT for cleansing and removing make-up easily in just 1 step… I tend to do it twice but that’s not necessary, once is enough!

If you like simple and fast gadgets like that (or if you are a little bit lazy… I am too, it’s not a problem, I feel you) you will fall in love too!

Also, I noticed that after I use it, my skin is soooo soft and smooth without being dehydrated… a bit like when I use a Konjac sponge, but better!


You simply wash it with mild detergent before and immediately after using it.

If you end up ordering it, use our promo code “Irina10” at

Here’s a video I made using this miracle cloth:

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