5 Miracle Beauty Products I’ve Been Buying For Years

Meet my go-to beauty products that actually follow through on their claims.

Trust me when I say – you NEED this whole post in your life. I always get complimented on two things: 1) my skin and 2) my hair. I’ve never had any botox or other invasive treatments done and NEVER wore extensions, so I want to share what my personal “secrets” are.

The whole list is super affordable. I literally swear by these products and have been using them for a really long time, like years. Everyone who tries these gets addicted – you’ve been warned.

 All Natural Advice – Vitamin C serum

I have been using this Vitamin C serum forever and it’s done miracles to my skin. I love it because it’s an organic product that’s made in Canada and also because it’s the hottest beauty serum on the market right now. It brightens the skin and helps fight dark spots. The only people who aren’t happy with it are those who don’t know how to use it properly.

Remember this: use it before bed after your toner and follow with a good moisturizer.

Order it here. (approx. $30 CAD)

 Canada’s Premium Retinol Moisturizer for Face

I promise you, this is the only moisturizer you’ll ever want to use. Natural retinol in combination with Vitamin C serum (see above) is the BEST duo in the entire universe! Natural retinol is basically like healthy botox for your skin. So many beauty gurus swear by this product.

Remember this: apply it after your Vitamin C serum before going to bed.

Order it here. (approx. $35 CAD)

 Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Do you know Charlotte Tilbury? She’s a famous makeup artist and has her own line of luxury beauty products. I’ve seen her use super expensive clay masks on models before applying makeup in multiple videos and I was like, “OMG! I’ve been doing this for years, except way cheaper!” Try this mask before a big event next time and prepare to freak out!

Remember this: mix this mask with apple cider vinegar (not water!) before applying makeup

Order it here. (approx. $20 CAD)

 Ētrexa Derma

If you were only allowed to get one product from this list, I would 100% recommend this one. I’ve already written about how amazing this anti-aging 30-day skin complex is, you can read more here. It’s been over a year now and girls are still reaching out to thank me and I’m so happy that it’s helped so many of you! I use it every 4-5 months or so, when the seasons change and my immune systems gets weird.

Remember this: take 2 pills once a day for 30 days and see the difference

Order it here. (approx. $50 CAD)

 OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No-3 Repairing Treatment

Every time I visit a different hairdresser, they always ask me how I manage to keep my bleached hair so healthy. It’s all thanks to this magic bottle! I’ve been using it for years after a friend of mine suggested I try it. It’s a perfect treatment for anyone who’s been dyeing their hair. You won’t believe how powerful this little thingy is.

Remember this: apply it over wet hair and keep on for 1 hour, then shampoo & conditioner as usual

Order it here. (approx. $30 CAD)

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