How To Seduce A Man Based On His Horoscope Sign

Want to seduce any man? Then read my detailed horoscope breakdown – I’ll tell you where his “magic button” is . You can thank me later.



Capricorn is a real control freak and perfectionist. Therefore, turning your sexuality to level 100 in the presence of Capricorn is not only useless, but also harmful: Capricorns judge flirtatious females with their condemning gaze while making them feel completely out of place. Capricorns need to be seduced like back in our grandmothers’ times: feed him, take care of him, do his laundry… You want to be an exemplary mother figure if you want to seduce a Capricorn.



Nobody really understands Aquarius, so no one knows exactly how to seduce them. But I, however, have some secret knowledge: life around Aquarius must boil with excitement. So you have to arrange some kind of action around him. Surprise him, make him jealous, provoke him – he LOVES it all!

mysterious girl


Pisces are actually people of flesh and blood, but never tell this to Pisces because they like to imagine themselves as mystical creatures. Therefore, the lady next to them must be the same – really mysterious. Talk in hints, disappear and suddenly reappear in his life… Play games, in short. He will also start his big love game in response.

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Aries is a “real man.” At least, that’s what he thinks of himself. Therefore, Aries is looking for a “real woman.” Girly outfits, womanly figure and big doll eyes – you need to look like a “woman” from back in the days. Aries is not looking for a nice personality, because most male Aries are extremely superficial.

That’s why Aries should be tempted like this: you get a nice girly outfit, then tell him “Oh, you’re so strong!” and stupidly clap your eyes. Even better if you do it in front of his friends. Aries will do the rest to heroically conquer you.

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Taurus does not need to be seduced at all, it’s a waste of resources. Taurus are simple and straightforward. Playing with them through subtle games and hints is useless – they are slow and simply won’t get it. Instead, you can say “You want to sleep with me?” – and he will say, “Yes, of course!” That’s all you need to do, just be as straightforward as possible.

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Gemini’s erogenous zone is their brain! It needs to be stimulated the right away. You can only get through them by talking. If you are good at talking and can talk for hours, then Geminis are yours forever. If you do not know how to talk to them, remember the most important thing: it does not matter what you are talking about, the main thing is to speak beautifully about anything.



Cancers are really useful in everyday life, but their idea of a perfect lady is quite outdated. They’re most likely to say that they don’t believe in sex before marriage. Once they fall for you, routine takes over very quickly. They’re looking for a perfect housewife. So just tell your Cancer how you want a classic patriarchal family, that’s all it takes. If Cancer falls in love, he will cling to you with both his claws, and it’ll be very hard to tear them off of you.

wonder woman


Leo needs an incredible woman: the most beautiful, the most successful, the most intelligent, so that everyone can envy him. If you are just like that, then you do not need to do anything. You just need to be prepared for the fact that Leo will seduce you. And then he will show you off. If you’re not into public attention, then praising him will also do the trick. Always tell your Leo that he is the best. At everything. That’s the main reason why Leo wants a partner – to be praised.



If you fell for a Virgo guy, you need to immediately understand that he does not need a woman at all. He needs a friend, a like-minded person. Everything else (like romance, relationships and sex) is like a nice bonus, and nothing more. Therefore, the seduction of the Virgin is a long process: first you need to turn into a spy to find out everything about him, and then you need to become just like him. Read the same books, watch the same movies, etc. If you are not ready to completely change and resemble him – don’t even think of being together.



Libra do not know what they want, so they want to see what you have to offer first. Just be very beautiful (Libra love everything aesthetically beautiful), get to know art (Libra love art), and don’t talk too much. Gracefully decorate his life with your beautiful company. A few months later he will finally start to understand why you’re always around him and will fall for you.

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Rule number one: never try to seduce Scorpio. Rule number two: if you fell in love with the Scorpio, see rule number one. However, these rules might not always help you. If the Scorpio notices that you are planning to seduce him, he will seduce you first. And you will be happy, but only for one night. And then you’ll get really depressed at best.

My advice in general – run. If not, relax and have fun. Scorpios can be tamed, but most likely when they’re getting older and realize that they can’t be as reckless as when they were young.

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If you’re prepared to fight your way through an army of other women who want your Sagittarius, then go for it. You’ll have to prove him that you’re the best out of them all. If you’re competitive, you’re going to love the pressure. Sagittarius is attracted to the one who will shine through the crowd of his groupies.

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