La Queue De Cheval Could Be The Worst Restaurant In Montreal

This is totally unacceptable for a fine dining restaurant.

I was about to close my laptop and go on with my day, when I got tagged in a Facebook post that completely caught me off guard. My friend Victoria Evans, star of the upcoming Musique Plus’ tv-series called “Les Kult,” urged me to take a look at the restaurant’s terrible management decision that could potentially cost it its reputation.

If you’re a Montrealer, you’ve certainly heard of La Queue De Cheval Steakhouse. It’s been around for many years, changed locations a couple of times and finally settled at 1181 De La Montagne street, Downtown Montreal. QDC self-proclaimes itself as a fine dining restaurant that specializes in USDA Prime dry aged steak, seafood, and exclusive wines.

You may or may not know that on May 19th 2017, there was a huge convention held at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, called “Influence MTL.” There were plenty of guest speakers invited, including the notorious Gary Vaynerchuk. Well, apparently, there was also a big VIP lunch scheduled at the QDC and, for a lack of a better word, shit happened. Take a look at Catherine Verdon-Diamond‘s (Montreal Breakfast Television personality) review of her experience:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.33.21 AM
I don’t know what exactly happened after the QDC staff saw the review, their answer was so ridiculous, it was actually borderline hilarious:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.37.38 AM

“The disgrace Ms. Verdon-Diamond is that you have not been to this Steakhouse as a guest ever , and know very little of what we have done in the past 20 years, hosting to the most predominate clientel world wide.” Wait, what? Is this a joke? Are they being serious? Did someone’s 12 year old child take over the restaurant’s social media account and decided to prank the adults?

Instead of a simple apology and/or an invitation to a complimentary dinner or a bottle of wine or any other trick that high end restaurants use to recover from their bad rep, QDC decided to sound like an offended teenager. Did you guys forget that “the customer is always right?” What on earth were you thinking when you typed that reply? Not to mention the unnecessary familiarity of La Queue de Cheval’s reply, the spelling mistakes and the “????” Those question marks, OMG! You guys need a social media manager and a new PR rep ASAP.

People are commenting on the thread in total disbelief:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.51.05 AM

I would normally say that there is no such thing as bad press, but I really don’t know if this applies to QDC right now… I’ll let the readers decide.

Main photo cred – Queue De Cheval

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  1. Brad Weigensberg says: Reply

    Was at the restaurant also on Friday, we arrived at 12:16, not the VIP section, 2 out of 7 people got there appetizer, everyone else got no food. They were really quick with the wine $$$ we ordered. If heard the about the great Que de cheval, but honestly After waiting 2 hours and seeing tables that came after us, get food and leave, we were told to pay the wine bill and see you next time.

  2. Alexandra says: Reply

    Okay, this response from the restaurant was completely unprofessional. BUT:

    – Did you guys forget that “the customer is always right?” –

    I hate this statement, it’s just such an awful out-dated way of thinking about servers. It gives people everywhere the right to treat anyone in customer service like garbage. It needs to just disappear. I agreed with everything in this article until this popped up.

  3. Will says: Reply

    Ahahah, some disappinted rich bitch did not get the free meal she was waithing for and everybody is pisst at the restaurant, lol, people are funny thoses day. They are late, they are bad customer, and the ask to be treated like king and then to save extra money. Stop being so bitchy and eat at home bitch!

    1. Eddie says: Reply

      Dear William,
      You must have a high level of education to post such a tasteful comment. Your spelling and grammar are also outstanding.
      Your family and friends must be so proud of you.

  4. no name says: Reply

    Pou ha hahahhahah what an imbecile that woman. Wtf does she think she is ?!?!
    It’s normal that theyt were not able to accommodate that many people at the same time. Freakin idiot !!

  5. Kayla says: Reply

    You guys think this is bad??? Go read the general managers responses to people’s reviews on Trip Advisor! It’s actually appalling . This place is horrible

  6. Highly energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  7. I find it really bad that this article was clearly written by the upset client’s friend and not from a journalist point. The bias of this article makes it unacceptable, I wish there was some balance. I have been at the Queue de Cheval several times and NEVER had a problem. Even in large groups they manage to accommodate everybody. Maybe, and I say maybe if the unhappy client talked to the restaurant rather than using her profession as a weapon she would have had more sympathy from me. I’m sorry but the costumer is not always right and apparently neither is the blogger.

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