How To Spot A Loser VS An Alpha Male When You’re Dating

So you met this new guy, but you’re not sure whether he has that ‘alpha-male’ gene yet.

There are a few signs that can help you figure out if he’s worth your time or if you should rather keep your single status for now. So let me help you weed out the (for lack of a better word) losers from your dating schedule real fast.

Quick reminder, when I say “alpha-male,” I mean – your ultimate husband. He’s reliable, serious (commitment-wise), gentlemanly and smart. You feel safe in his arms and know that he’s got your back no matter what. He takes initiative and is the polar opposite of the type of men you want to stay away from – let’s call this category “losers.”

A loser is an infantile, ambitionless, confused, ego-centered man who is rather a burden on a woman’s shoulders than a strong compatible partner. Avoid this type at all cost, unless of course you have a savior-type personality and want to be his Princess Charming in shining armor, then completely disregard this article.

Does he strive to make your wishes come true?

Let’s say you make a comment about a dress you see in a shop’s display window, like “OMG, it’s so pretty!” An alpha male will find out your size and try to surprise you with this dress when you least expect it or maybe he’ll want to take you shopping, whatever his action is – he has one goal and it’s to make you happy. A loser will say something like, “You should get it if you like it.” He has no interest in making you happy, instead he thinks that it’s your job to make him happy.

Does he say, “All women want is money!”?

An alpha male knows better than to generalize. He understands that there are all kinds of women in our world and it’s up to him to find the one that complements him in all the right ways. Out of his own financial insecurities, a loser is convinced that ALL women are gold diggers. He will try and guilt trip you into proving him wrong.

Weaker women will literally have the urge to show him that they’re not like that to the point of allowing him to stay home and try to figure out life while they’re busting their asses working two jobs. All this only to prove him that they don’t need his money.

Don’t fall into this trap! A loser is a manipulator who wants to receive as many things as possible from you – material and emotional – and give close to nothing. Losers HATE to spend money on anyone but themselves. They will be suspiciously meticulous in trying to split bills with you and occasionally they will even take advantage of you paying for things.

Does he make you feel like you’re not enough?

An alpha male will make you feel like you’re the most beautiful, gracious and intelligent creature in the world. You will never doubt your own self-worth with this man. A loser’s goal is to lower your self-esteem in order to elevate himself and, consequently, take advantage of your vulnerability.

Does he make comments like, “I really like blondes” when you’re a brunette or, “I like ‘petite’ girls” when you’re clearly not “petite.” Subconsciously, his goal is to make you feel worthless and thankful that a man of “his level” ever even looked at you. Depending on your character type, you might want to make him realize how amazing you are even if you’re not “his type” or you might completely lose all self-esteem and hold on to this guy like it’s your last resort. Bottom line, he’s a loser and you don’t actually need him!

I strongly suggest not to get involved with men who aren’t ready to spend money on you, who aren’t interested in making your dreams come true, who think that you have to do everything yourself and, of course, who put you down. They are the worst people to build a family with.

Let’s say shit happens in your life and you get fired. Your credit card bills are piling up, yet you still can’t find a new job. The most a loser will do in this situation is lend you some money. LEND! What kind of husband does that? Exactly. He believes that you need to get yourself out of your financial crisis alone.

A loser is always ready to receive but is never willing to give. Or if he gives, he makes damn sure that it will pay off eventually. Like in the previous article I wrote about why men should always pay on first dates, some male readers were commenting that they would only consider paying if a woman looks like she’s also going to pay next time. Eeeesh, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

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  1. hi there I really like the blog you have set up here. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Rhea says: Reply

    Well put , you are on the money – this is much beter and truer advice than many big time dating gurus

  3. frank says: Reply

    Very inaccurate article. Feel bad for ladies who take this seriously. Eh, nevermind I don’t feel bad.

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