What Really Goes Down Behind Closed Doors Of Montreal Bachelor Parties

Boys Night Out Montreal is like your fairy godmother when it comes to bachelor party planning – they literally turn any fantasy into reality. So, naturally, I’m super intrigued to know what the real version of the “Hangover” looks like in my home city.

What if I told you that you don’t need to go to Vegas
 to have a bomb bachelor party? Boys Night Out Montreal, our city’s most talked about party planning company, will organize everything to make your night unforgettable, so you and your buddies can just relax and enjoy your “still-not-married” status while wearing custom party tees by Dominon T-shirts. Yes, they even got your outfits covered.

Need to rent a loft for yourself and your friends?
 No problem! Want to head out and party with Montrealers? Sure, they got you covered. Fancy a burlesque performance? Or maybe you’d like to play topless beer pong with pretty girls? Lazer tag? Sky diving? Bungee jumping? White water rafting? Maybe you want to indulge and hire a private chef? I think you get the drill – whatever your heart desires, Boys Night Out Montreal can make it happen for you. Read more about their services here.

I’ve always been so curious
about what goes down behind closed doors of Montreal bachelor parties  – I just had to interview the founder of Boys Night Out Montreal, Jessica Sullivan.

What does Boys Night Out Montreal do exactly?

I organize bachelor parties. I basically act as a personal entertainment concierge: I book girls for private bachelor party shows, I send clients to clubs and restos that Montrealers love, and book various experience activities in and around the city. I also work with an amazing chef – so we offer a private chef service or catering service. And I’ve just collaborated with local Montreal T-shirt company to make custom bachelor party t-shirts.

Describe your typical customer.

Young working professionals late twenties to mid-thirties mostly from the US. Locally we attract a lot of religious groups because they’re still getting married where as non-religious Quebeckers tend to skip marriage and live common law.

What makes your company better than your competition?

There are two other companies that do well because of their strong online presence and they’ve been around longer. To put it in perspective, I see myself as a Boutique hotel and them as the Hilton hotel chain. I give my clients a more personalized experience by sending them to places Montrealers like going to so they can have an authentic local experience.

Before making any reservations I reach out to my network of established party promoters and see where the best parties are happening on a specific weekend. Montreal is a party city, people still love going out late here so there are always new clubs and venues popping up. You have to stay current. And because I’m female, it’s easier for me to wingman for my singles clients.

What really goes down at bachelor parties? Does it stay classy or it depends on the client?

Bachelor parties can get pretty wild but it does depend on the clients.

Some bachelor parties have a weekend of complete debauchery infused with booze, drugs, strippers and escorts. Escorts are always called after the strippers (strippers are like the appetizer) so thankfully I don’t have to witness a live porno. ALERT for all the women reading this who are engaged – don’t freak out! Not all bachelor parties are that wild… There are a lot of bachelor parties that are much tamer and PG friendly, they skip the drugs and escorts and don’t cheat. Those are the bachelor parties who reach out to me, they want to be entertained by pretty girls with fun personalities who will party with them. Not all guys want sex.

You told me before that your girls are there to give a show and they are not escorts. Do you think you’ve lost some clients because of your high business standards?

Not at all for a few reasons. Firstly strippers are so synonymous with bachelor parties that it’s basically a tradition. Secondly strippers know how to entertain because they’re used to socializing with large groups of people trying to sell dances and they know how to give a good lap dance. Whereas escorts don’t dance and they don’t need to socialize with anyone to get clients, clients see their photo then pay to have sex with them, so they’re not used to entertaining and socializing the in the same way.
Thirdly, the general public really has to stop associating stripping with escorting. Strippers give lap dances to customers, not orgasms! It’s a huge difference. Most men are aware of this and they don’t want to cheat on their fiancée so they feel more comfortable with strippers. Cheating is not as socially acceptable for men as it was fifty years ago so guys don’t want to deal with that drama.

Can you think of the best or worst client you ever had to deal with through Boys Night Out Montreal? Describe your experience.

Thankfully I’ve only had two bad experiences, most clients are really cool and we end up staying in touch. I had a young finance guy from NYC reach out to me who wanted a real underground authentic Montreal experience. That weekend my Dj friend Captain Kirk was throwing an event sponsored by Moog . It was an outdoor party right on along the water canal attached to a huge turn of the century commercial loft. The music was wickedly good deep house, the people were happy and beautiful, the weather was perfect, it was really a magical night. No champagne bottles with sparklers and all that cheese, everyone was loving the music and dancing. I also sent this client to Flyjin, Rosalie Brunch party hosted by Stevie B and Stereo, so NYC dude had a really unique party experience that many tourists don’t get to have. He left totally in love with Montreal and referred me to his friends in NYC.

My worst client ever? No one even comes close to this particular nimrod! A concert promoter from Toronto wanted me to take care of his client from L.A. He sent at least 50 texts day and night making all kinds of requests and demands. I make the entire arrangements and meet mystery client, I personally host him to ensure everything runs smoothly, take him clubbing, introduce him to everyone and it ended up being a really fun night out. So the next day T.O Promo doesn’t want to pay me and is making up a whole bunch of lame excuses. It pissed me off because I really went out of my way for this client and in the end all I got was a slew of insults rather than a thank you. Meanwhile T.O Promo dude is posting pics in front of private jets on his Instagram, what a poser. But I learned a valuable lesson: ask for deposits because not everyone is trustworthy.

What do you think makes a successful boys night out?

If no one ends up in jail or at the hospital it’s been a successful night!

Do you give your girls special instructions before they head out to see the client?

I don’t work with amateurs, my girls are comfortable with their job and they know what to do and what to expect. I just give them a heads up about the group: their age, where they’re from, their professions. I don’t accept last minute bookings so I can properly screen clients.

Do you have any “Pretty Woman” type stories about girls you’ve hired? Perhaps someone has found love at a bachelor party they were hired to perform at?

That’s a great question! The answer is no actually because most of the girls I work with have husbands or serious boyfriends. A lot of people would be really surprised if they knew how loyal strippers are. And anyway let’s face it, rich guys tend to marry rich girls!

Where do you see your business in five years?

This year I’ve expanded to Ottawa and just launched boysnightoutottawa.com. In five years I want to be established in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

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