WTF Is Up With Ashley Graham’s New Addition Elle Campaign?!

Ashley Graham is arguably the most famous plus-size model in the world right now. She has appeared in a bunch of popular magazines and walked many runways. Model Ashley Graham was also the first plus-size model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
Ashley has made it her mission to help society embrace beauty at any size by speaking out about the need for diversity of body image in fashion.

I understand how important it is to embrace ourselves as we are, but I can also actually see how fashion magazines “love” Ashley Graham for all the wrong reasons. Today’s fashion industry camouflages its true intent by trying to make us, readers, believe that Ashley is the living representation of a “typical” American woman, which makes it ok for her to be featured all over the place, right? Wrong!

At 5’9″ and 201 lbs, her BMI is far from being within the healthy range. She is considered “obese” by medical professionals. Granted, she is at the very bottom of the “obese” classification, but obese nonetheless. (dailykos)

I’m not body shaming Ashley with this post, don’t get me wrong. It’s her body and she gets to decide how to live her life. I’m actually pissed at the fashion industry! Putting an unhealthy overweight model on a cover of Sports Illustrated is just as bad as using an anorexic model for the same purpose. How does Ashley advocate a healthy lifestyle exactly? Well, she doesn’t and nobody really gives a shit.

Ashley Graham promotes unhealthy life choices and basically tells women that it’s “OK” to be obese or overweight or whatever term you’re more comfortable with. Whether she’s aware of it or not – I don’t know – maybe she’s in denial herself, but none of this makes any sense and certainly doesn’t belong in popular fashion magazines.

She’s basically a circus freak, a shock component, something that makes people talk, a show – it brings money to the most superficial industry in the world that clearly doesn’t care about prioritizing health. Let’s be real, at the end of the day, magazines want to get a reaction out of readers, NOT portray “average” healthy women – that would be bland and definitely wouldn’t help hit their sales targets.

But that’s not the only thing that’s wrong with the whole plus-size trend. Let’s talk about Ashley’s latest campaign for Addition Elle. She’s featured in these sexy lingerie ads saying, “Wanna know my F* word? Fearless!” Ashley might be fearless alright, but the producers of this campaign clearly weren’t as fearless as her.

Quick question, why are the male models featured in the video not plus-size like Ashley? Are they saying, it’s ok for women to come in all shapes and sizes, but not for men?

So, you see, if you dig a little deeper into what seems to be a great initiative by plus-size model, Ashley Graham, it turns out to be quite worrisome to say the least. Food for thought. What do YOU think about it all?

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  1. Valeria says: Reply

    Before insulting others that are sain and well in their body, you could start being natural and something more than a superficial barbie… You think she is not healthy but you don’t know anything about her and her life! Many people with her fabulous body (way more attractive than many thinner ones) are perfectly healthy and of course more than the majority of other models! We don’t know anything about your life other than what you want to show to the face of the world, like a little girl in lack of attention… and if we judge on your look and behavior, you do not look natural, nor healthy at all…. So you should have a deep reflexion before writing such superficial things! You probably have better things to do than judging other people’s lifestyle, look and body… Just stop making selfies of yourself and relax, life is worth to be lived for other reasons than the lenght of your nails and the shape of your belly….

    1. Mini says: Reply

      Irina, I think your comments here are totally judgemental! Rather NARCISSISTIC ! People come in all shapes and sizes! FLY!

    2. Nathalie says: Reply

      Very well said, Valeria! I could not agree more!
      Relax, don’t talk about others, start focusing on your body (it is not more beautiful than others… and does not look natural at all… and never forget that if you keep focusing on it like crazy, when it goes, there will be nothing left!), be natural, let other people be and just… have a life! YOUR life!

  2. Nathalie says: Reply

    I meant, STOP focusing, of course, since you have started a long time ago…

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