Women Who Hate Working Out Are Actually Smarter, According To Science

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am after finding the results of a new study from the “Journal of Health Psychology” by researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University. They basically gave us, lazy girls, the green light to remain lazy! Thank you science.

So these scientists had a sample group of 60 people, 45 of which were female. All participants were were undergraduate students at Appalachian State University.

The participants were sorted into two groups: high-need-for-cognition and low-need-for-cognition. In more simple terms, they were divided into those who like think/learn versus those who don’t as much. Scientists define “need for cognition” or NFC as a tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive endeavors. Out of the 45 female participants, 20 were in high-NFC and 25 in the low-NFC condition.

I was wondering, how would the researchers know whether someone likes to think? Well, there was a one-week observation period prior to conducting research, where participants were asked to carry on with their normal daily routines. I assume people who spent more time reading, studying and doing other “smart” (using this word loosely here) things were put into high-NFC group and the rest got to be in low-NFC.

The researchers were particularly curious whether there was a special relationship between participants’ traits of need-for-cognition and their levels of physical activity over a course of 1 week. They wanted to know if smart people were also into working out, basically.

The overall findings showed that low-need-for-cognition individuals were more physically active. Consequently, the authors found that people tend to be less physically active if they have higher levels of a trait called “need for cognition.” How crazy is that?

The sample size is obviously quite small, but I would still like to use the results of this study as a consolation. I moved into a building with a fully-equipped badass gym that I hit 2 (two!!!) times this month, just saying. So, according to science, I must be really smart.



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