I Asked My Husband Brutally Honest Questions About Our Relationship

I was browsing the internet yesterday and came across Elite Daily’s article titled something like, “I Asked My Boyfriend Brutally Honest Questions About Our Relationship.” It was quite an entertaining read, so I figured I needed to interview my husband ASAP to post something similar on irinatee.com

I mostly used the other article’s questions, but added a few personal touches to them. For those of you who are new to my website, you can read about our story here and also here.

We’ve been together for almost a year now. We’re married, in love and completely crazy about each other.

That’s us in Vietnam feeling very communist:

Vietnam feels like home… ??

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So let’s do this. First question – Did you think I was easy when we met? Because we had sex pretty quick.

Not at all. I knew you were the one and there was no need to play games. I was happy to finally be with you and start our life together. 

Do you notice if I don’t shave my vagina?

Yes, I notice, but I don’t care, I like it.

You like when I don’t shave down there? Why?

I don’t know, I like it, it’s more raw.

What’s a bad habit I have that you don’t think I’ve noticed?

I don’t think it’s a “bad” habit… your OCD cleaning, haha! I don’t think you notice it sometimes, like waiting for me to get out of bed to make the bed. I go to the bathroom in the morning, come back – the bed’s made. At least we know that we’ll never live in a dirty house, LOL. 

So it doesn’t bother you that much?


GOOD. What was your first impression of me?

When I saw you in your long white dress and your hair still wet from the shower and your flawless skin, I know it’s going to sound cheesy – but I thought I saw an angel. I thought that you were the most beautiful thing that I ever saw in my life. I knew I was going to marry you. My knees got a bit weak when I hugged you and smelled your hair. 

That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, babe. 


What would you change about me? 

Nothing. Maybe stop cooking so well because it’s going to make me gain weight, haha.

Is there something you purposely didn’t tell your parents about me?


So they know EVERYTHING about me?

Yeah. They know pretty much everything. 

What is something I do that turns you off? 

There’s nothing you can do to turn me off. You’re like a cute little kitten from those popular Youtube videos, anything the kitten does is cute!

Even diarrhea?

Yark! Haha! Still cute. I saw you puke once and I still had some dirty thoughts while I was watching you.

Who do you vent to about me?

Cookie, our plush toy LOL. He’s my only confident. 

No, but seriously – do you speak to your friends about me?

No. It’s not their business. 

What are the three words that describe sex with me?

*laughs* Unreal, hot, passionate. I was going to say tantric too.

Why didn’t you say it?

I only had three choices, had to make up my mind.

When did you know you were in love with me?

The first time I stayed up all night trying to practice my Russian to send you a video on Snapchat saying, “Ti takaia krasivaia!” (translation “you’re so beautiful”) I knew that I was crazy about you. I think I recorded that video about 35 times until it was OK with a good background and decent pronunciation.

So before we even met? 


What made you realize that I was serious about you?

When you booked your ticket and came halfway around the earth to meet me. That was the first sign. Then, when you quit your job and decided not to take the plane back. It was like, “Oh shit, she really wants to be with me.” You had a round trip booked, not a one-way. I guess I was treating you well! *smirk*

You didn’t think I was desperate?


Have you ever doubted us being together?


Well, obviously you’re going to say NO. 

No, not obviously. 

How am I different from when we met?

You eat more, haha! Because in the beginning you didn’t eat anything, you were “full” after two bites, so shy.

Do I eat too much now?

No, you can eat a full pizza and you don’t even gain a pound.

Good answer!!! Am I the best sex you ever had?

Oh My God, YES!

Ok, that sounds convincing. Can you think of the best sex we ever had?

Ooooh! Last night.

No, but the “best” best!

When we were both covered in massage oil, I think it was one of our first nights. We let ourselves go completely. Also, the first time we tried tantric sex, we were in the moment, it was very spiritual and lasted for hours. I was massaging you and touching your body, it was more of a treat to me.   

We’re getting very erotic here! What is the last lie you told me?

*pretending to think really hard* Nothing… I never lie to you babe. 

You’re so full of kakashkas (Russian for “shit”)!

Ok, maybe when you asked me if I paid my credit card the other day. I told you “Yes, last night!” but I was actually doing it as I was talking to you because I forgot to pay it. 

Why didn’t you tell me the truth?

Because I knew you’d be mad.

Why would I be mad?

Because of your OCD lol.

When was the last time you were jealous?

Every day when we leave the house.


Because you’re so beautiful and I’m always in “zashitnik” (Russian for “protector”) mode. 

Haha, I see. So it annoys you when men look at me?

I guess it’s flattering, because I know that I got the most beautiful woman in the world. Let’s not say that it annoys me, I just notice it and it puts me in war mode. 

When do you find me most attractive?

Ouf! When you come out of the shower, when you laugh, when we’re eating together, when we’re at the beach… I cannot say when you’re “the most” attractive, it wouldn’t be fair to your beauty. 

How important is my physical appearance/beauty to you? 

I mean, it’s pleasant, but I think our relationship goes way beyond physical. I feel a connection with you mentally and spiritually. I’m in love with your essence, I’m in love with you. 

Would you still be with me if I lost my arms and legs?

Of course and you’re going to think, “Oh, it’s easy to say!” but I actually mean it. I would still be your protector.

Do you believe we’re soulmates?

Yes, no doubt in my mind. I even feel like we’re the same soul. 

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    Thank you for sharing Irina! It’s so lovely to hear about people so in love. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year!

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