Coming Clean About My Plastic Surgeries

A bunch of girls have messaged me asking where I got my lips and/or nose done, so I figured that it was time to openly talk about my face today. 
I did a small collage out of the kind of messages I get:

Once and for all, girls – I do not have any injections, botox, fillers, nose jobs, boob jobs, NOTHING. I was looking for another message that really got to me, but I forgot who it was from. This girl also asked me about my lips and then, when I told her the usual, “They’re real,” she was like, “Yeah, right, okay.” She didn’t believe me! Oh, the internet is a mysterious place.

Anyway, I found a few pics of me from when I was like 11 years old. This was my girlfriend and I completely convinced that we were models. It was my first “photoshoot” in a way (major LOL), because the guy had a big camera. Later on, we found out that the “photographer” who took these pics was actually a convicted pedophile, but that’s a whole different story, haha.

img_6917 img_6918 img_6920 img_6921 
I do like to play with lip liner and make my lips look even bigger than they already are, so maybe that’s why some people might assume that there’s some medical shit involved. But nooooon, c’est naturel.

As for the girls who message me, you are all so gorgeous. Do you really need a pair of big lips to make you feel more confident or more attractive? I don’t understand why anyone would want to insert needles into their face, put themselves in pain, danger and ultimately look nothing like themselves. I believe that any surgical “beauty” procedure made for a reason other than practicality (like when you can’t breath through your nose, so you need a surgery) is completely ridiculous.

What if Kylie Jenner gets fake freckles tattooed on her face? Then girls will start their quest for the best tattoo artist to perform the procedure on them and ask people with real freckles where they got theirs done. Pretty silly, don’t you find?

I wrote a good article for MTL Blog some time ago about the ever-changing beauty standards and how women should think twice before jumping into the whole big butt, big lips or whatever else “beauty trend.” You can read it here.

Instead of working on your looks, work on your health. Nothing is more attractive than a fit body, even skin tone, healthy hair and nails. You can’t get that at your favourite botox clinic. In other words, dump your cosmetic surgeon ASAP.

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  2. Miss Davidov says: Reply

    I would never think you got any work done, you are a cute-looking woman, with a normal, decent body, just like there are millions of them walking on the street of Europe, lol. God, if we suspect every cute girl of “having had work done on her”, then it’s sad to see how ignorant people are, and can’t tell the real from the fake!

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