Why Donald Trump Is The Best Thing That’s Happened To This World

Seeing most my Facebook friends so involved with American politics even though 99% of them are Canadian, Russian and god knows what else, is just so funny and ridiculous all at the same time.

I even have a bunch of Americans I’m friends with on Facebook. They really take the “absurd” trophy of the year. Now that the election results are in, people threaten the world through their Facebook statuses (LOL): “Packing my bags, so long New York, it’s been real.” Like yeah, totally dude! You’re going to pack your bags and move to Canada now, u-huh, right.

The truth is, most of you will forget about this election the second you have another distraction, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting back together or the Kardashians switching their butt implants. But wait, there’s more – do you really think the results of this election will impact your life? These delusions must come to an end. I suppose all my readers were old enough while Clinton, Bush, then Obama came to “rule” our neighbouring country (I’m Canadian by the way). Has your life changed in any way, shape or form during these political changes as an American, Canadian or even Russian citizen? No. You were still going to school, eating grilled cheese for lunch as your parents were working at their jobs and hosting BBQ family parties on the weekends. It did not touch you one bit, be honest with yourself. So why are you so fired up about this election exactly?

You must be completely out of your mind to think that if Hillary Clinton was elected, it would actually impact your life on any level or make it better (haha!). Do you honestly believe that secretary Clinton truly cares about American citizens? Oh please, give me a break.

When will society understand that the whole system is corrupted? It really doesn’t matter whether it’s Trump or Clinton or Sanders or the Cookie Monster who comes to power. If you want change, real change, then we would need to revolutionize the entire system and turn it into something totally different from the way we know politics today… because, clearly, it isn’t working properly right now.

The only thing government is truly interested in is… wait for it… money! Wars and foreign relations all come down to this. It’s so simple.

There’s a quote from the very popular Netflix series, Narcos, that has really marked me as the most realistic depiction of how governments work:

“From ’79 to ’84, there were 3,245 murders in Miami. And outside the Tourist Bureau and the cops, no one much cared about that. What got the US Government to take notice was the money. Billions of dollars a year all flowing from the US to Colombia. And that… America couldn’t take. A group of powerful businessmen went and met with President Reagan. They were terrified the narco economy would sink the real economy of Miami. Or… maybe they were pissed off that they weren’t getting a cut.”

So why is Donald Trump the best thing that has happened to our world, you ask? My answer is – I’m hoping that this event will teach you a lesson. Yes, you! The angry Facebooker who thinks his opinion matters because it got a couple of likes. You, who posted a status about how unhappy you are with the election results. You, who clicked on the angry smiley face reaction under the election live stream video. You, who shared a cancer patient’s photo in order to raise awareness about cancer. Also you, who commented under a photo of an abused puppy, “I hope the owners of this puppy burn in hell!!!! :((((”  You get the drill, right? You won’t make a difference unless you take action. And by taking action, I don’t mean going to vote. That, obviously, doesn’t work, hello! The world needs a revolution. People don’t realize how powerful they can be if they all come together. It’s like the world’s rational thinking is turned off and nobody really cares about it. But that’s none of my business, I’m far faaaar away from all this bullshit.

I’m not trying to change the world, not starting a revolution, not doing anything grand with this post either… I’m just writing a blog post, folks. Just speaking my mind, you know…

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