Things I Hate About Dating And Relationships In Canada

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I recently came back from almost 3 weeks of vacation in Europe. I had a blast. Italy is out of this world beautiful. Even if you drive to an Italian village, it’s breathtaking. Everything is so clean and pretty. The architecture is stunning, people are beautiful, the nature is unbelievable. The food is sooooo freaking good. I overindulged on pastas and pizzas, whatever, YOLO. Would I move there? Oh hell yes! But this post is not about that, it’s about two different mentalities: European and North-American.

I am not sure why emancipation is so welcomed and encouraged in Canada. Is it because of the feminist movement? Possibly. Men and women are not equal. That’s right, we have different emotions and feelings, we think differently, we’re different physically. Watch this documentary if you’re curious to know more about our differences –VIDEO.

1) But, no, in Canada men and women are considered to be equal. So if you’re carrying 20 grocery bags, don’t expect your man to help you. You’ll be carrying an equal amount of weight. This is not just something I came up with, I see this every day.

There is no way a man will let you carry stuff in Europe. He’d rather make two trips than have you help him carry things. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule even in Europe, but I’m talking about the general standards.

2) Why is paying on the first date such a taboo in Canada? The man pays! Sorry, not sorry. It’s a first date. Men in Canada get offended if you don’t offer to split the bill on the first date? Ridiculous.

In Europe, it is common sense that a man pays for the woman. Not because she can’t afford to pay for herself, but because she allows him to take care of her and that, in turn, makes him feel more like a man.

3) I’m going to make a lot of feminists unhappy with this point – traditional roles of a man and a woman is what we all need to stick to. There is nothing wrong with a woman cooking, cleaning and taking care of her man. It’s actually the opposite, it’s what’s going to make your man more of a man. It’s this role reversal specifically that got us all confused in North America. Men now clean and take maternity leaves, while women are out there kicking ass. No, stop!

Don’t get me wrong though, even if a woman is a CEO, she must still remember her role as a woman in the house. Maintain the right hierarchy in the house and you’ll feel like a woman again. So many women complain that their hubbies are not manly enough! It’s our own fault, we turn them into little bitches and then hate them for it.

4) Random acts of chivalry are almost non-existent in Canada because men treat women like they’re men. Men wouldn’t open the car door for their buddies, so why would they do it for you? Ridiculous! I remember trying to “teach” my ex to open the door for me when we’d walk into a building or something and he was like, “What are you? A princess?”. Un-freaking-believable. No, I’m a woman and that’s how you treat a woman. They just don’t get it here.

Believe it or not, in Europe, men do treat women differently. Even a random dude would help you carry heavy bags or open the door for you. These are just small examples, obviously, there’s more to being a man than just carrying bags and opening doors.

Women and men are like the Yin and Yang to each other, we complement each other. We’re different but equal. Women need care and protection, we’re gentle and feminine. Men and women are two pieces of the same puzzle, same, but different. You feel me?

I actually have a bunch of other things I’d love to include in this post, but I gotta run now. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of this in the comments.

I love Italy by the way <3

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  1. Matt says: Reply

    You’ve just set us back forty years. Bravo. Try sending some women who don’t look like you to Europe and I guarantee that none is rushing to carry their bags.

    1. Pavel says: Reply

      I so disagree with you. It’s not the looks. This is how we are brought up to be in Europe

    2. Mira says: Reply


    3. Sergey says: Reply

      Вы не правы, вот по-этому и никогда не поймёте русской души и русского народа. Ваше равенство – это яма в цивилизованном мире, вы все хотите стать равными марионетками без какой-либо индивидуальность. Так держать! А у нас женщина – это ЖЕНЩИНА, и любим и уважаем их не смотря на физиологию и возраст.

    4. trotta says: Reply

      seems to me you just want someone to pay for your meals, carry your LV purse and wait on you hand and feet. meh…dont we all.
      Ps. whats wrong with your face? can you NOT duck-face? or are you stuck like that?

    5. Iri says: Reply

      From what I’ve read, I think you are trying to compare Russia with the Western world in general, not Canada and Europe. European mentality is exactly the same as you have described in North Americans. It is normal to see woman carrying heavy bags and offer to split the bill on the first date. Only in Russia it is a taboo. So I think you might have got it wrong. In fact, it all comes to politeness.
      For example I am Russian, my boyfriend is Swiss. I never payed for the dates, yet once we became closer he opened up and said that he doesn’t mind paying, Yet it would be polite from my side to offer to share the bill on the first few dates ( even though he would have rejected the offer, but appreciate my act ) . I did not even think about it before as I assumed it was normal from his side, as a man, to take care of me.
      Heavy Bags- again, not mentality, but politeness. It is normal to observe a lady struggling with heavy bags in London, yet also normal to witness a passing by young gentleman to offer help.
      Many articles have been written about Russian mentality in treating ladies and ” anti-feminists” views. So everyone created an image that the relationship between man and women in Russia is different. Yet, if you read the books or watch the movies from America, Europe or Russia you will see no difference in the way men act towards ladies.
      Therefore, it is not about the geographical location, but about the background of man, his family and education. In case of ladies, well… any girl will be treated the way she allows to be treated.
      But I would disagree with the article that Europeans are gentlemen, and Americans are not.

      1. Kate2014 says: Reply

        It’s not even bout heavy bags, it’s the whole attitude of Canadian women, who feel like they are waking up and trying to stand for their rights, while in fact all normal countries went thru this social development stage a 100 years ago… Canadian woman are manly looking, hockey playing, not well educated… They think about equality like if they want to become men, so stupid. But Canadian people are not bright in general anyway.
        I moved to Canada because it seemed faster than paperwork for the US, and in a way it was a good decision. But I despise local deceitful people, who have nothing in their character except for taking advantage of everyone around, lying and being nasty.

    6. R says: Reply

      Just came back from Europe, I live in Canada. I totally agree with this post. European men are bold and super confident, Canadian men do hold back. It has nothing to do with the way a woman looks, it’s the culture. Men behave like men!!!! It’s a sad that the North American culture has shamed men from being so bold. I go to Europe every summer just for the amazing culture, food, sites and of course the oh so bold confident men. Swoon.

  2. Sergiu says: Reply

    Nice article. It’s said, but it is true – women in Canada behave more as men than as women. They lost the beauty of woman’s gentleness, of their “weakness” and femininity….

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      I’m liking how EU names keep confirming the point.

    2. Martin says: Reply

      You’re a fucking moron…

      1. Cecilia says: Reply


    3. Cecilia says: Reply

      “WEAKNESS” and femininity? Ugh you make me sick.

  3. Aris says: Reply

    You nailed it! Although there’s still a few of us left who were raised right due to our European roots. Well said!! Women in Europe enjoy being women and so do men. The fact that each is allowed to be themselves lends to natural and stronger relationships.

  4. Jana says: Reply

    Please kindly move to Italy if you are unhappy with the state of Canada. Stay far, far away from here. Find a husband and fulfill your dreams of popping out babies as your husband is the main provider. Don’t go criticizing an entire nation because you feel like you somehow deserve special treatment because you were born with female genitalia.

    It truly astounds me how ignorant some people can be. You might prefer this idealized world, but I am certain that whatever little time you spent in Italy did not make you an expert on gender roles within the nation.

    You repeat “In Europe” several times throughout your article, but from what you say, you visited one country. The cultures within this continent vary GREATLY from country to country. Try to educate yourself and not make ignorant, sweeping generalizations.

    1. says: Reply

      thank you for taking your time and writing such an elaborate response. I’d like to point out that I never suggested the husband needs to be the main provider. I’m curious why are you jumping to this conclusion right away, though? Perhaps there is a deeper issue that is bothering you. Maybe you thought that I was physically attractive and right away assumed that I needed someone to sponsor me? Most probably. But here you are talking about how you dislike generalizations.

      In this article, I was referring to general gender rules that get all mixed up in Canada from what I have experienced. Nothing to do with husbands being the main provider and popping babies.

      Thank you for suggesting for me to move to Italy, I will definitely consider it.

      I, by no means, ever said I was an expert in the field of gender roles. I was born in Eastern Europe and am well travelled. I also know a few people of European background, and, generally, they tend to confirm my generalizations. Once again, these are obviously generalizations. Not ALL European men are gentlemen just as much as not ALL North American men are assholes.

      What I’m really glad about, is that this post touched you to the point of taking time from your busy day and writing this comment. I love this!

      1. Aris says: Reply

        Bravo Irina, well said….that’s the classiest response to someone who so lacks it!

      2. Liz says: Reply

        I just want to add, that what you are saying about Europeans men also applies to Latinos men. In general latinos, we are “old fashion”. It’s to some degree a cultural shock when you date a Canadian. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, myself I just avoid dating one.

      3. Chris Simon says: Reply

        Try walking around as an average pudgy or middle aged woman without 50 lbs of makeup on your face, teased up hairdo and provocative clothing and see how many “chivalrous Italians” come licking your ass and help you with your “bags”…You’d be lucky if any Italian even acknowledges your existence…
        Hard to believe you’re 25 and this naive about how the world works …They just want a piece of your ass, sweetheart….Once your youthful beauty fades away in 10 years, try going back to Italy and see how many of these “chivalrous Italians” rush to help you with your bags…

        1. AlexR says: Reply

          She is 25 and prime age, it is absolutely normal men are looking to date her and looking to date/marry her.

          In Russia and several traditional european countries 50 years old women are expected to be married at that age (also including latin countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and even in Quebec in rural regions).

          In my experience, only Scandinavian countries, Netherlands and in a way Finland have less traditional values.

  5. Dominque says: Reply

    I prefer being nice to anyone, that is what we lost in Canada. Everyone doing their things not bothering with others. I kindly open doors for men, women, young and old. If I can afford, I threat my friends men or women. I don’t do things just to get something in return. Well I really enjoy the smiles I get thou.

    Most men that was nice to you were salivating to get a piece of your ass, don’t be fool. People that are really nice by nature are outnumbered.

    As far as raising kids, it doesn’t matter who stay home, but to me, it matter that one stay.

    Italy is not known for the best place to live as beautiful as it can be. Scandiavian coutries are and they are very close to what we are. They are just smarter not more courteous.

  6. Olena says: Reply

    That’s real true about Canadian man

  7. fredy says: Reply

    you know IRINA TEE, that is actually the way mexican guys are, i am a mexican guys and i lived in canada, and i must say, girls are guilty, because most of them have that attitude about not letting men helping them and so that is why you have lived that way in canada, whenever you have the chance, visit mexico and you will love it and the mexican guys, like me!! luv ya

    1. Alejandra says: Reply

      Si, en ese aspecto México es muy diferente a Canada, me alegro de eso

  8. equal rights says: Reply

    Terrible article. I want my 2 1/2 minutes back. Not only do you think that women are entitled to certain treatment simply for being a woman not because you actually DID something to deserve special treatment but the article was actually poorly written to the point I even wonder if English is your first language. Grade 4 level at best.

    But let’s talk about this for a sec. Jut because somewhere some man opened a door for a woman and then all men followed suit to keep up doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. Why can’t a woman open her own door? Why can’t a woman open a door for man? And I personally don;t need to do certain things to “feel” like a man. Gender roles in society are an antiquated concept as evidenced by the people who don’t identify as either. People and cultures evolve.

    Moving on to the status of being “equal”. Yes we are different physically and perhaps emotionally but that is the part of equality we are debating. It is referring to equal status. That one gender is not more IMPORTANT than the other and by claiming that men should do this and that for you you are claiming a higher status. You believe you are inherently more important than the man. And if you stil don’t think men and women are equal then might as well not be allowed to vote or work again and if you do work then you shouldn’t get equal pay. Oh wait, what’s that? Now you want to claim equality when it benefits you? yeah, that’s what I thought.

    1. equal rights says: Reply

      **correction** That is NOT the part of equality we are debating.

    2. says: Reply

      You think women need to actually DO something to have men open doors for them and help carry heavy bags? How are you even saying this, it doesn’t make sense to me. Who raised you?

      Yes, English isn’t my first language, you got that right.

      Yes, women are ENTITLED to being treated as women and that includes basic chivalry. Is it so much to ask? What are you freaking out about? Just open the damn door, it’s a nice thing to do, just like a woman would cook you a meal. Nice, no? Totally is. You didn’t do anything special to deserve a meal, but it’s just nice, you see? Mutually taking care of each other is pretty cool.

      I’m not claiming that women are more important than men, we’re the ying yang to each other, we complement each other, you see? We’re different but equal. We need care and protection. We’re gentle and feminine. Obviously, there are female body builders that are physically stronger then an average man, but that is just an exception to the rule. I’m sure these female body builders also want to feel like women and random acts of chivalry can certainly help them feel that way.

      Equal pay, the right to vote and other points are completely irrelevant here. If you’re so into equality, maybe women should not shave their legs and grow armpit hair and generally start to look like men? Maybe we’re not equal in the way you’re trying to convey this after all. We’re same, but different, my friend.

      1. _persea says: Reply

        You do realize that people exist outside of this hetero-normative view you have of the world, right? There are women who like women, men who like men, those who like both. Those who like neither. Those who don’t identify with either gender. Those who identify as both. You completely ignore a world outside of this singular view you have of the world, as if a ‘masculine’ man a ‘feminine’ woman is the ONLY partnership that exists. If you read any study on gender- you’ll come to a VERY clear conclusion that all these traits you associate with women versus men are highly constructed, and then fed back endlessly into society, by people like yourself. Express your opinions, live however you like- that’s exactly what feminism is about. However, don’t go making sweeping generalizations. You’re in NO place to tell women how they should behave in a partnership- cooking, cleaning, being nurturing are in no way ‘inherent’ to men OR women. And to your previous comment, some women actually do have quite a bit of hair even on their face. And btw, women do look like ‘men’- they just choose to remove their body hair. Hair removal is a fairly MODERN choice, do you realize that? For the majority of history women did “look like men” by your definitions. This article can literally be read as a satire.

        1. Flake says: Reply

          +10000 🙂

      2. Thumbs up!

        1. Meant for Irina’s comment. 🙂

      3. Earle the Viking says: Reply

        I would like to say that I agreee with you fully Irina./ I’m a FreeSaxon , an American from Canada. I say american for Canada is in the COntinent America and our culture is American., namely FreeSaxon from England. unlike USA which today’s USA culture is indeed ANti-american. and divisive. but Canada does have true FreeSaxon culture adn being raised by my folks, did I always get told by my parents before ever dating that it was right for the man to invite the woman to eat by paying. That that was ROMANTIC! … and opening car doors, was taught as the thing to do! I have three nationalities. Canadian, AMerican and Colombian. But before I turned 21 (which is when I moved to Colombia to live) I’m 30 today, all my life in North America , would I always open my car door for my girlfriends that I had. and in stores up to today I always open the door, be it for a woman or a man! it’s called being KIND! the thing is that if you’re comparing TORONTO life to RURAL CANADA life, then you don’t have a good comparison to some town in Italy, do I reckon, for Toronto like the USA isn’t true FreeSaxon Culture. it’s POSTAMERICAN culture which is ANTIAMERICAN culture, which is namely COSMOPOLITAN CULTURE, which in turn can be philosophically understood as multinationalism culturalism which has driven out the True FreeSaxon culture of Canada. but come to some towns in Canada and am I sure that you’ll see respectful men towards women and king too! if for you that means opening doors when you come into a store or something. IN Toronto , do I take it most folks are all out just to get theirs. Therefore is it so! come to Rural Canada and find a man like me. Not me of course for I’m married. but another man and you’ll see that there are many a good’ ol’ FreeSaxon ready to Love you! and treat well ay!

        S.L. Earle

    3. Dee says: Reply

      It’s funny that you’re insulting her writing when your grammar and spelling is gross. This is a great article. I agree. If you don’t like her opinion don’t attack her as a person. Just keep it moving. Obviously not all women are going to be weak and need to be taken care of, but who doesn’t like to be spoiled? And what man doesn’t like feeling like the head of the house hold once in a while?

      1. Earle the Viking says: Reply

        I do, thanks to JEsus! My wife treats me as such!

    4. Gal says: Reply

      This hater is probably just mad because of his own insecurities that really hot good looking girls expect a certain kind of standard of behaviour from men. Unfortunately we are not getting our needs met by most Canadian men, due to cultural differences. This is why women are forced to get boyfriends / husbands from other nationalities, since “most ” not all “most ” Canadian men are such pussies , their behaviour is so unattractive. Ranting and raving about girls paying for their own first dates , and opening their own doors . What is the use of having you around then ? What is your role ? To wash the dishes ? To put on an apron and play Martha steward ?
      This is a very touchy subject – but after reading all these comments from loser men, and women who obviously encourage this lazy behaviour from men. I will actively discourage my gorgeous younger sister from wasting her time with Canadian boys . No wonder french women go to Cuba / Dominican Republic and bring themselves back boyfriends from there . I always wondered about that phenomenon. Canadian men lost their balls due to feminists oppressing them all these years . Now they are just whiny little brats . I rather date a woman .

      1. Artemis says: Reply

        Oh, your needs are soooo high, it is so important that you should never have to open a door or carry groceries! And why should you ever pay anything, that’s not fair, you don’t deserve it! You have all my sympathies, you are probably being forced very hard to find someone of a different nationality in Canada. I hope you will make it through this rough rough time of your life and find a manly Cuban men who will wed you to get a visa and cheat on you the minute you have to pay for his expenses and you can’t legaly kick him out of your life.

  9. Taya says: Reply

    Why on earth would men have a piece of our maternity leave ?!?#*
    All they have to do is have one night of fun. While the woman’s body get disfigured, it nourishes the baby while being inside of her and afterwords. The woman goes through labour and it may take hours and hours. The woman have bring up this child. So why exactly should men have a piece of the maternity leave?!?!?

    1. Pavel says: Reply

      Sometimes the father takes time off work when the baby is born, to take care of the baby. It’s called paternity leave, and it’s almost never paid.

    2. Ebola-Chan says: Reply

      Because they want to take care of their children??????????????????
      Spend some time with their family after an important familial event. Also it’s called a paternal leave. Because it’s for the father. Just saying.

    3. The reason for paternal leave is for the new father to take care of his family. To bring or do whatever the mother of his child needs. I think it especially applies to new families.
      I believe in equal rights and equal benefits. Whatever a man decides to do is up to him. Just like a woman, if she decides to not cook dinner then it is a take out night.
      Being a feminist doesn’t mean hairy armpits and legs. However, I do believe that the man should propose to a woman. That way he recognizes that he will take care of her during pregnancy, childbirth, toddler years.

  10. Mika says: Reply

    This is ALL so not true! I live in Canada too and I’m from Europe, and I think you are just UNLUCKY girl! Men are men, Europe or Canada – you’re either dating the right guy or not, I never saw the men you talk about here in Canada, and I have plenty of friends so it’s not just my man 😉 Wishing you lots of luck with finding the right one!

    1. says: Reply

      You’re a lucky girl, Mika 🙂

    2. says: Reply

      Just read the comments to this post and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉

    3. adri says: Reply

      Mike, just an example on the manners in Canada…I was out with some friends, all nice people and educated….we had to go in Toronto downtown from one place to another and I was the only one with a car, driving. We didn’t fit all of us in the car, and they were 2 guys who jumped in the back and let outside one of the girls to go by herself, by TTC. And not even when I kicked them both out of the car I don’t think they understood what was wrong with their behaviour….

      1. Gal says: Reply

        Exactly proof once again of what’s wrong with This North American culture ! It’s rude and disrespectful behaviour , and plain disgusting

  11. Andrew V says: Reply

    There is an error in such that “equality” is extended out into the physical sex. Equality, as fought for by feminists, was about freedom and having an equal voice when it came to the political direction of a nation. That all consciousness/awareness/beings regardless of the sex of the physical is equal.

    That being said, let’s move on to point #2. This is so frivolous of an issue it hardly justifies a response. I pay, she pays, we split the bill, who really cares? I’m more concerned about how the meal went and whether or not it was an experience I’d care to repeat.

    As for point #3, just do what you feel like. Sheesh. Don’t want to clean? Be okay with living in a mess. Not okay with that? Get a maid. If I feel like cooking, I will. A few true marks of a man is aggressive tact, focus and decisiveness. Not whether heavy lifting is done or not.

    Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s alive and well in every boy, man and elder. Chivalry is the outward expression of the modern civilized gentleman. A gentleman is far beyond merely doing things for a woman. A monkey can be trained to open doors. A gentleman sends a message while waiting for a train to inquire how she’s doing. A gentleman understands that when she is talking, he is to listen and nothing more unless asked.

    Also, abrupt ending to an article. I know you could do much better.

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      Abrupt?! Get outta here! ITALY!!!

  12. олег says: Reply

    Да ты просто не стеми встречалась,найди простого,нормального,который и сумки может поднести и в ресторан за свой счёт сводит! У тебя все ещё впереди!

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      При чём здесь OP? Речь вообще о женском менталитете, и есть мужской менталитет в Канаде тоже пошатнулся, то только от женского. С этим бесполезно спорить. Я сам три года страдал, потом забил на всё, и сделал как надо.

  13. Ebola-Chan says: Reply

    Oh my god, can someone please send a man to help me???? I’ve been stuck in the passenger seat of this car for nearly two weeks now because no man was there to open the car door for me :'(

    God damn it Canada!! It’s not my fault my delicate and feminine hands are unsuited for this manly work!! Why did I even exit the kitchen??

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      Try the moon roof.

  14. Elya says: Reply

    ***”Just open the damn door, it’s a nice thing to do, just like a woman would cook you a meal. Nice, no? Totally is. You didn’t do anything special to deserve a meal, but it’s just nice, you see? Mutually taking care of each other is pretty cool”*****

    Taking care of each other IS pretty cool but my question is, why does it have to be – men opening doors and women cooking meals? You stated that those are the nice things to do for each other, and I agree, but I think what people have a problem with is, stating-women should do this and men should do that. Why can’t a man cook a meal for a woman and why can’t a woman open a door for a man? Why can’t a woman cook a meal and a man does the dishes, and a woman takes the trash out. No one is entitled to one thing more than the other (ex: doors should be opened for a woman and meals should be cooked for a men, etc). Why can’t both genders do nice/polite/courteous things for one another?
    I am also from Eastern European country, and I’ve traveled a lot and I live in the US, and men open doors for me everywhere (not all of course). The problem I think you might be having, is because you are so stunning, men stereotype you into women who act/feel like men (and the world) owe them something, so they look at you and they don’t want to please your ego. In Europe, most women don’t act entitled, so men WANT to do it. But that’s just my theory, I could me wrong.

  15. Nathalie says: Reply

    It seems that you NEVER read history books!
    Because people who ignore history are doomed to repeat it!

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      What does this even has to do with history? (that always repeats itself anyway, because the Sun sets in the West)

  16. Lianne Soller says: Reply

    Hmm I don’t really agree with this article. Okay, maybe there are different gender roles in Canada than in Europe, but this doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t help women out. I love it when a man cooks for me, helps me do the dishes, etc. It’s such a turn on. I don’t think this makes men less manly, but rather, makes them feel like they are pleasing their woman. The things you’ve mentioned as being characteristic of Canadian men are characteristics of male douche bags, and no matter what country you live in, douche bags are douche bags.

  17. James Fickling says: Reply

    This article and these comments are absolutely hilarious.

  18. Le Beav says: Reply

    Gender roles go both ways. You want us to treat you like a woman then I will open doors and pay for everything. When I get home I expect dinner ready, the house taken care of and a glass of scotch waiting for me.

    And don’t ask me to talk about my feelings. I’m not a girl. Real men don’t talk about their emotions, or cook, or sweep the floor.

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      And then – back in the kitchen.

    2. Ash says: Reply

      Doesn’t work that way, cooking is a skill that both genders are supposed to have. As a single Man U have to cook
      U can’t equate that with being chivalrous
      How does opening a door for a lady equate to her making u a sandwich? Neanderthal. Gentlemen don’t expect things for doing the right thing

  19. Costa says: Reply

    The fact that you think your entitled to having a man open the door for you is what pisses me off. No one deserves to have a door opened for them, unless theres a 90 year old in a wheelchair or a woman whos pregnant/ has a baby carrage. You have no problem opening a door or carrying two bags of groceries, or at least I dont think you do. Therefore, you aren’t entitled, it’s just respectful for a man or even a woman for that matter, to open a door for you. You also claim “In EUrope” yet it seems like you only went to Italy, therefore you again judge based on a 3 week experience. Until you’ve at least seen France Spain Portugal Greece ENgland Germany The Netherlands Belgium Ireland and Scottland and have experienced these countries for well over 3 weeks, then you can’t generalize about Europe. I do think woman should be treated respectfully, but I don’t think they should abuse it and get mad at a man when he doesn’t do it cause they think they’re entitled, and when you think you entitled to your extent, usually people think it’s cause there more special than others, but hey, who am I to judge.

    1. Gal says: Reply

      Women are entitled to be treated well with respect , and adoration by the men they date .
      Just like men can expect his girlfriend to take care of him when he’s sick , make him dinner frequently and dress up and look pretty for him. It’s just part of the deal.
      If you don’t like the deal then you can date a hairy fat feminist who doesn’t shave her armpits and wants to open her own doors and pay for her own meal.

      1. proletaire says: Reply

        Coming from a girl that’s neither hairy nor fat, and that does shave her armpits regularly, since it seems to bother you so much, why shouldn’t I pay for my meals and open my doors? Is there a rule somewhere saying that I’m not entitled to financial and bodily autonomy? should I rely on a men for everything? I do consider myself to be a feminist, you know why? Because I am a women and I am educated enough to know history and think that, hey, having the same legal rights, salary and opportunities as a men is a pretty nice thing? would you rather be female in ancient greece and be a wealthy women who only sees three rooms in her life? The women’s and children’s room in her father’s house, the one in her husband’s house, and her husband’s bedroom? The exaggeration is slight, but they mainly lived in these three rooms and could never leave the house without their father or husband. Would you want to be any women before WWII, that couldn’t agree herself to treatment in a hospital, even for emergencies, without her father’s or husband’s signature? Or have a saving’s account, or own a house, or sign any legal papers of any kind, except maybe her marriage contract.
        Yes, I am a feminist, but I am not unfeminine. It simply means I don’t think women should be second class citizens.

  20. Konstantin says: Reply

    I believe that sense of entitlement is detrimental to society, relationships and even your own well-being. I’ll play a devil’s advocate and say that commanding a special treatment from anyone won’t yield you a genuine act that you’d expect. After all, the only way to make someone do something for you is to make them want to do it for you. My two cents.

  21. Kris says: Reply

    My *Canadian* boyfriend is a gentleman. I’m by all means a feminist and he is as well, we both believe in gender equality yet he still opens the door for me and carries heavy grocery bags. I of course carry what I can but when they are too heavy he will carry some. Like Elya mentioned, one of our rules is whoever doesn’t make dinner has to do the dishes. He carries the wheelbarrow when there is too much firewood in it/its too heavy. He also has no problems telling me when he’s upset or talking about his feelings. Yes, he paid for our first date and bought me lots of drinks, and believes it was very worth it.

    We don’t “need” to stick to traditional gender roles like this article says; we should do what we want in a relationship and since every relationship is different, adjust according to each partner’s expectations of it.

    And Irina, I think you just need to keep looking, you just haven’t found the right guy yet. Try a country boy 😛

    1. Kris says: Reply

      For clarification he holds the door open for everybody, man or woman. He paid for our first date because he asked me out, and believes that whoever asks the other out should pay for dinner. He carries the heaviest bags for whomever he’s with because he likes feeling useful. He didn’t order me any drinks, he just paid before I could reach for my purse. He’s a nice person to everyone who isn’t rude.

  22. Tara says: Reply

    You are absolutely right chivalry is so much more alive in Europe than here. It seems like there’s an idea of ‘you should be do lucky I asked you out’ attitude in bc especially. However, wherever you go there’s good as Nd evil but your article perfectly touched on the differences woman everywhere in Canada are saying.

  23. Nostradamus says: Reply

    Well, it’s all about mentality, what people expect from life and how they choose to live. Being in your place I would try to take a look on the big map, where is North America now and where is Europe? What’s the life hope in NA and what’s in Europe? How people live in NA and how they live in Europe? Doesn’t make sense? It makes. The system in NA is built so that differences between people, hate, ego, angry etc. are not found in the same big percentage as in Europe.
    Obviously, nothing is perfect, adjustments can be made everywhere in the world, including on me or you.
    I truly believe that a man has to be gentile with a woman, open any door for her, respect her, love and communicate to her, but in the same way, the woman has to know how to fix a light bulb, a power plug, she have to be able to carry a bag, you name it. Of course life is easier in two but we all have to know to live by ourselves.
    We are probably not equal fiscally and mentally but in the society we have to be all equal. We all have to get respect from the other-one. I agree that in NA women believe they are strong as men, which is not true, they should be more feminine, but here comes the part with adjustments, we have to give time to people so that they will change in better.
    About who’s paying the first bill… Even if I believe the man should pay the first bill, the woman must, at least say that she want to pay hers. The problem in Europe its not the first bill, is all the bills. There women are expecting the men to pay every time. And that’s is not fair. We are all working for our money.
    On the other hand, I find nothing wrong when a man is cooking, I am a man and I like to cook. If the woman have no idea about cooking, do you expect me to eat “that”?
    I lived in Europe my first 20 years and the other 10 in NA. I would not go back, it’s my choice, I fill good here. I see differences between now and then, here and there as well. Everywhere people have changed in better so give people the time they need.
    In the end, I would like to say that 10 years ago I saw little girls walking on the streets in pyjamas. I was shocked. Today there are no little girls walking in pyjamas. 10 years ago I could only listen hip-hop and Latino music when I was going out. Today, any kind of music is everywhere in NA. So time is essence.

  24. Heather says: Reply

    Wanna know what I think? You’re an idiot.

  25. Safwan says: Reply

    OMG, you are a real woman. I agree with you about all what you said.Great piece of writing.

  26. Amanda says: Reply

    This is a really good article actually. To the people that mention grammar… who cares. A good point is a good point. Why do people have such strong aggressive opinions. Why cant people agree to disagree and be civil. Bunch of savages.

  27. Ness says: Reply

    Sad to see so many haters but i do ununderstand what your saying after working in bucharest romania for 2 years and yes the traditionals roles of men and woman are how it is in most of europe but if what your writing are your experiences it seems like you have clearly not been around the right men i actually dont know anyone in montreal that has been bothered by a girl not offering to pay on the first date…..

  28. diana s says: Reply

    Honestly most people living in Canada don’t get it, but in Europe the whole concept of opening the door, and offering to pay is a sign of respect and not a princess act (and no you don’t have to be gorgeous).At the same time I know many women who don’t ask nor want the door opened, who ask to split the bill…..and there’s nothing wrong with it either. Feminism isn’t about becoming a man but becoming a stronger woman, it makes me feel appreciated if the door is opened, and the bill is payed, not because it makes me weak but because i think I deserved it. I can pay easily and it doesn’t make any less valued than those who split. Stop pretending men and women are the same….we are different.

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      In Russia, the sign of respect is learning things about each other for a year before the bed squeaks. Maybe the man has hidden values you don’t see at first. Or maybe the woman is not really what she plays to be. In America, it’s 2 nights at a bar, unprotected Groucho Max then 2 weeks of ‘meh’ or GTFO.
      Different mentality.

  29. Guillaume Rochon-Vear says: Reply

    Who are you to tell that this must be like this, and this must be like this! You aren’t showing the truth you’re just trying to make the world like ”your perfect world”. This is’nt ”How it is suppose to be”, you are saying what YOU want everything to be. Also, you keep comparing America to Europe. This is simple: America is’nt Europe. There’s no WAY things should be, you just think that, because that’s how you have been raised and how you learned the ”world” was. But that’s not true, every part of the world is different and everyone can think the way they want. So that’s how it is in Canada just deal with it

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      And HOW exactly it is in Canada? Ever wonder if Canada truly has a face? Or are we just talking about Quebec + not-Quebec + immigrants?
      The US has Uncle Sam, Manifest Destiny, Yankee Doodle, Connie Appleseed and the Bronx. What does Canada have? A moose?

  30. Sandra says: Reply

    This is a hilarious article. If opening doors is the pinnacle of male achievement in a relationship, then you have very odd standards. I’m Eastern European and I couldn’t care less if a man opens the door for me. It’s irrelevant inconsequential, superficial and unimportant.

    What I care about is if he shows support for me: cooking and cleaning when I have a busy time at work, such that I can come home and relax, listening to my troubles, offering helpful suggestions when I have an issue to solve, going out of his way to drive me to work when the weather is bad. That’s caring, that’s a relationship.

    Being a “real man” whose main achievement is that he opens doors and “is not a little bitch” holds ZERO interest for me. In fact when a guy tells me how he’s a macho man’s man, and “knows how to treat a woman right” is when I bow out. I met many of the macho boys you seem to admire who rush to open your door, but are so macho they can’t possibly be doing that demeaning women’s work and go behind your back to cheat on you, because that’s the cool thing to do when you’re a macho man with macho friends (please substitute empty head for macho).

    Also, having traveled in Europe extensively, I would strongly dispute your assertion that everybody there is one way and everybody in Canada is different.

    No offense, but God save me from your version of a real man.

  31. Paletuvier says: Reply

    Firstly, yes, European and Italian men in particular are raised differently. Secondly, yes, chivalry is more important to them. What you did not get though, is that a women does not need to be “treated like a women” to feel feminine. I put the quotation marks, because it is such a dated and archaïc concept in a society that needs to turn itself towards a much more open and fluid definition of gender roles and of gender itself. Feeling feminine might come from having someone hold a door for you or from cooking a meal for a loved one, but it can also come from everything that makes you a women. Wearing a skirt, having sex, putting makeup or just feeling your curves fill out an outfit. Feeling feminine is possible even when you’re hiking up a mountain in ugly outdoors clothing, sweating and panting, just from knowing you’re a women and feeling the way your body moves. You don’t need to be “weak” to feel like a women, you can be assertive and strong as much as you like, you can carry all the groceries you like and still be feminine. Your gender is a mental thing. If you feel like a women inside your head, you don’t need guys opening doors to know it, and if you’re a guy in your head, then you don’t need to carry packages to assert that. Sure, these gestures are nice, but I’d be equally happy to have my door opened by a men than by a women. The only important thing is really the way you feel and how you consider yourself. Gestures of affection in couples are important, but I do not believe they should be according to gender, but rather to how you and your partner feel and your mutual talents.

  32. Shadiac says: Reply

    Line 10: “Men and women are not equal.”
    Line 52: “We’re different but equal.”
    Way to write an essay =)

    The truth is (and it hurts): Canadian women are effin’ ugly. They’re like men wearing skirt. Look at these bones! Look at these postures! The Mr. Bigglesworth of modern time.
    Seriously, they disgust me. This is why I’d have no heck of a problem not paying for them on the first date, not opening doors and not carrying them in my arms. In fact, I wouldn’t even date them. The right hand can be a tad more useful here than just for putting two fingers deep in when you see one naked.

    Now Canadian boys, that’s quite another story…

    1. chantecler says: Reply

      Can I point out how ignorant and rude you are? It’s plain to see that you have preconceived opinions and that you are holding on to them in fear of finding out that you’re not always right, but at least you could stop posting your trash in such a vulgar way.
      Let’s assume you are right for a second, even if the possibility is outlandish. Who do you think survives in rough climates and life conditions? The frail petite lady that’s as delicate as a newly blossomed rose, or the big bonned resistant women? Once you take a look at it, you will see that, evolutionnarily speaking, you are defeated.

      Science has spoken, now what do you have to say?

      1. Shadiac says: Reply

        You have to find yourself a psychiatrist. “Big-bonned resistant woman” isn’t a woman, it’s an ogre. Doesn’t happen with animals – why should it happen with humans?
        Good luck with science. Psychiatry is also one =)

  33. Lana says: Reply

    I very much agree with Irina.
    On the upside, in many cases men are more likely to do all these nice gestures( such as door opening) if they feel the desire to be a gentleman, and that desire does not occur with every women thats out there. So if men fail to do so for you, maybe you just don’t spark this desire….

  34. Nadja says: Reply

    Hi Irina, I am quite happy to read this article, since we are able to share thoughts, even if they may be quite different. (French is my mother tongue, so please excuse the level of written grammar). I think it’s important for women in 2015 to reassess what they want and their role, as well as men. And what’s even more amazing, couples can choose how they want to manage their everyday lives. I know couples where she earns much more money than her husband, and in return, he takes care of the children more often. I also know women who had to give up their careers since the husband got a high paying job in another location. The world is becoming global and we’re confronted more and more to diverse opinions and ways to live. I am personally happy to have the freedom to make my own choices, as a person, and also as a girlfriend. I personally would rather share chores at home and open my own door in return. I found it quite fun to learn how to fix things around the house. And my partner is becoming a better cook. But these are are own decisions. Other woman might feel that I’m not taking care of my husband, and that’s ok. And no matter how you look and where you’re from, this conversation is a healthy debate. If all, I feel more secure about my personal decisions. So thank you for not censuring your thoughts and sharing your opinions.

  35. Dear Irina,

    I loved this article and it is exactly what I stand by in my channel. I focus on dating around the world and think that Canada has a LOT to learn from Europe. Just like you, I’m Russian. Do you live in Toronto by any chance? Would love to have you in for a video.

  36. That is totally true! And I keep hearing this from my girl-friends who originally moved from Europe. Even when you compare that to Russia, North America culture just overcomplicates these simple things. And even more, I think that’s the main reason why they all have sex issues here in Canada. If women converts to a friend, well… I normally don’t have sex with my friends… And that becomes a normal pattern.

  37. For all Canadian Men & Women says: Reply

    Don’t worry Irina, I’ll grow up one day learning that there are more valuable things in life than the petty stuff u wrote! 25 and u think u have it all figured out about everyone??? It’s ok, it happens to most ur age who live thinking they need to red carpet rolled out for them. Too bad u didn’t grow up in the USSR longer, might have brought u up with opened eyes.

    Guess what? Russian tradition with women: control them and maybe a beating here and there just as I know in old countries. Now to say all Russian and old country men are like that would be IGNORANT of me!!!
    Guess this is ur life lesson on learning to grow up! U insulted everyone – men & women of Canada & North America. Time to start rethinking before u have to follow up with a video. Maybe had u thought more, u wouldn’t have need to follow up with a video. You follow up video as well, makes me hurt for those who are gay male couples or single male fathers who play a duo-role in a child’s life that can sometimes be better than a mothers.
    I feel for u, because u have honestly made a name for ur self here & things spread fast…hopefully it won’t ruin ur chances of actually ever getting a date in this city again…things spread fast!!!

    Good luck!

    1. Shadiac says: Reply

      If she “insulted” you, my friends, then I just vomited in your faces. Learn to accept criticism for once.

  38. One point says: Reply

    Of course taking care of each other is the basis of a relationship. But both, men and women CAN COOK AND CLEAN and open doors for each other. It’s nice to invite a guy for dinner one day and that he invites you back other day. If one of them earns more money it’s okay that he pays more often, traditionally it’s been man but that is changing. If one of the parts is more talented in cooking they may cook more often, a lot of men are very good cooks!

    The only point I see is that some man are physically stronger than women, in that case I think it’s normal that the men carries more weight, but it could be the other way around if the women of the relationship is stronger…

    By the way, I’m Spanish and there’s been a lot of feminist movements in Europe in the past decades (read some history) and it’s a hot topic at the moment again, at least in the cities.

  39. Shadiac says: Reply

    People hate USSR because they don’t understand anything in that regime. They think they can just take some North American template and apply it ‘de plain pied’ to any other society because they were raised on everybody being equal (not THIS equal, though). I encounter a lot of individuals of Semitic lineage who seem to scold any Soviet idea or principle. Those who read a tad of their own history would know that the individuals of Semitic lineage prefer radical freedom of action over the less capable in order to assume prime positions worldwide. Their mind is sharpened for practical thinking, which created a perfect much with the North American biomass assimilation, mashing culture, ethnicity and religion into one single monotonic sod. The cost of all this is conventional freedom, of course.
    At least understanding it is the first part of understanding how the USSR worked and venturing into a clear insight of the Eastern Slav mentality.

  40. Pinkay says: Reply

    It is how you educate your men. Their behavior is the outcome of how we women treated them. If one wanted to be treated like a lady, then be a lady. If you wanted to be treated as an equal well I guess you know the answer.
    “Chivalry never died. The gentleman in most men did”. Sometimes women is at fault, we wanted equality then we resented it obviously.
    Visit Asia, where I am from, where you can still find great numbers of gentlemen who will be gladly showing you true acts of chivalry.

  41. Jordan Whitewick says: Reply

    I totally With Irina agree with her call me very old fashion in that way but I think woman should not have to pay on the first the man should be the ones paying it has nothing to do with being a feminist or anything I just think its tradition and it’s not meant to be broken. I once went on a date with a girl and she argued the entire time who was going to pay for who I told I was going to pay for the both of us she did not want so I could not stomach it so I told her actually I am not hungry and guess what, she went and ordered me something just the same was a little mad but I did not want to insult her either but then finally near the end I actually got to pay for something so I was very content with that. It has nothing to do with being rich or poor I think even if the woman is a multi-billionaire the man should pay.
    as for the carrying of the bags no I don’t think the woman should not carry anything heavy it has nothing to do with her being weak or strong just emasculating to me.
    See I was taught also when you take woman out for dinner your to
    1. Pull out the chair for the woman and push it back in for her
    2. Help her get her coat off when she arrives and on when she is about to leave (Depending on the season if she was wearing a coat or not.)
    3. make sure she is comfortable.
    4. at the end of the dinner maybe go for a walk with her or if she needs to leave to go home accompany her to her car to make sure she is safe and this gives you a little more time to get more acquainted with each other and more time to warm up to each other.
    5. Also some woman might find this a little too much on a first date but I’d say bring a rose or her favorite flower (that’s if you know already what that is.) with you not an entire bouquet I’d say that would be too much you might scare her off

  42. singular says: Reply

    In North America for about the last 40 years men have been continuously berated for being male; opening doors is a sign of exerting dominance/patriarchy over women etc. Men have been continually told we are as a gender abusers of women and are all potential rapists. Woman regrets drunk sex? Man raped her. Don’t blame men for backing off on the chivalry; feminism has pretty well killed it for all women here. I have been glared at for opening a door for a strange woman; almost stopped doing it – now I do it equally for both genders. I actually like seeing women struggle with things in the name of ‘equality’. I will help them with heavy things but will make sure they know they are not my physical equal. Puts things into perspective for them.

  43. Mazen says: Reply

    I love this article. This is not only in Italy, try Lebanon, we treat you like a real princess 😉

  44. Esther says: Reply

    Why do you think one trip to Italy makes you an expert in European conventions between man and woman. In Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands to name a few it is the same as in Canada. Except for that we don’t carry 20 grocary bags because we like to recycle and use proper shopping bags that fit more than 3 products.
    The whole point about ‘feminism’ or splitting household chores is that it is unreasonable to expect a woman to stay at home to take care of the house and kids as she has the right to develop herself. And ones she has decided to pursue her own carreer it is quite unfair to expect her to work a 40 hour job and do all the household tasks while her hubbie is watching TV or goes out with his palls. If your hubbie is objecting against taking part in maintaining the house let him hire a cleaning office. The same holds true for woman though, if you can’t stand doing the household next to your job. There are enough people who are happy to do it for you.

  45. Cleo Cleo says: Reply

    Hi Irina,
    I have gone through some of your articles today and now I sit here in complete awe at your skewed worldview.
    Much like yourself, I was born in Eastern Europe and grew up in Canada. Our semblances end there. Much unlike yourself, I have been able to form complex ideas of what it means to be a woman, especially one in her mid 20s, living in a “modern” world, where inequality does sometimes fade. And when it doesn’t, it is time to move on, surround yourself with likeminded people, treat others as you’d like to be treated and to fend for yourself and what you believe. But here, you’ve insulted and angered many of us by somehow reducing feminism and gender roles to some 500 or so empty and poorly written words. It makes me wonder what kind of a rock you have been living under for the last 25 years of your life. One that apparently has a juice bar and Instagram.

    So when I read this, I thought about how for every day I set out to make something more of myself as a young woman working in a male-dominated industry, as a boss, a leader and colleague to many, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter, you can write a few lines and completely reverse us decades in time. Women are multi-faceted, just as men are, because we are humans: complex forms of life that go beyond our appearances. Your view of the world seems very narrow, especially for someone who claims to be as well traveled as yourself. I hope, for your precious sake, that you are able to learn and grow and contribute to this world in a greater form. Your expectations for men are very high, yet you have lowered your own expectations for yourself as a woman.

    If a young guy wrote an article entitled “Things I hate about dating and relationships in Canada: women don’t cook and clean for me!”, I bet even you’d be appalled. That’s me giving you the benefit of the doubt here. Take it?


  46. spiderman says: Reply

    well wow my friend gave me this link. i read all the comments
    and this is what i have to say.we all want the same we want to lpve someone and to be loved by that someone.
    when i read these comments it is incredible how much pain of hurt. when we criticize you are hurting yourself to because when your hurting our reactions are to insult.the problem here is ego .the next time you answer ask yourself is your ego or is it your heart talking. you define your happiness and your mate adds to your happiness..not replacing it..i am italien and i think all women should be nourished like a flower .so open the door be kind even if the other person isnt.remember the day you stop nourishing her is the begining of the end.
    from friendly neighberhood spiderman

  47. Jones says: Reply

    Great Article

  48. Roman says: Reply

    Anyone else noticed that Irina and Shadiac is the same person with the exact same style? She created Shadiac to support her ideas in the comments. That’s hilarious!

  49. Emile says: Reply

    Might be a tad late on this one but I just recently found your blog via

    Let me say, this is a very interesting article and I fully agree with you with the general consensus regarding chivarly in European men. For the record, I am from southern France, lived in Canada for the majority of my life and spent every summer in France since I was about 6 years old.

    Let me tell you what, I have had such a wonderful experience with women down there; they are easy to talk to, open and extremely confident. I feel like Canadian girls are not nearly as open minded with men and are rather conservative. I did read your article about dating European women, and this is where we will disagree; French women are WAY more adventurous and will never be shy with their sexual desires. Canadian girls are very shy about sex and romantic topics. I feel like women here in Canada do indeed take simple gestures, like the ones you mention above (groceries, doors, etc.) as men wanting to get in their pants.
    Lets face it, both here and in France there are douchebags, and yes I do have guy friends in France who are HUGE assholes to girls, but will always hold the door, pay for dates and pamper females. In Canada, that mix of douchebag and chivalrous does not exist.

    Anyways, my main point was this; what you describe to be a desirable way for men to treat women (which I agree 100%) is not a European standard, but rather a general character trait of social-class. Whether we like it or not, we are divided in a hierarchy of classes, often given to us by birth (not that it means anything, it is just a fact and I do not mean to degrade anyone, this also does certainly NOT mean wealth, class and wealth have NOTHING to do with each-other.) If we look back at the nobility era, it was Queens and Princesses who were pampered and treated with the most respect. (with exception to Henry VIII), princes on the other hand were trained to be military leaders. They were the ones influencing the Kings and they would never get their hands dirty. Hence where lies the roots of the word “chivalry” (chevalier in French). In higher orders and noble societies, mal-treatement of women is very rare. If you take a look at lower classes of peasants, crooks, theives and scums, mal-treatment of women is much more prominent.
    Royalty and social-class never played a large role in Canada, I cannot blame them for not understanding this concept.
    It definitely has been something brought down from generations and can say it lives within several of my French friends, too bad Canadian women react negatively to such treatment.

  50. Jessie says: Reply

    Oh my god, finally someone said it! I’m 100% with you, totally agree!!

  51. Aaron says: Reply

    I read through this garbage, Clearly you want attention and that’s all you want. You want men to serve you as if you’re something worthy of a man’s strength. If you want men to care about you and help you. If you want this change than take it up with feminists. Men are sick of being blamed, being ridiculed.

  52. anon says: Reply

    male heterosexuality is almost viewed as a mental illness in Canada
    while homosexuality is perfectly natural

    matter of fact male heterosexuality is getting more and more criminalized. if a man held a door for a woman at work more than a few times it would get interpreted as sexual harassment

    i am so happy to read this post because there is a woman who can see how terrible the dating scene is in Canada. it is like a candle being lit in a sea of darkness

  53. georgina says: Reply

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  54. cathereine says: Reply

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    Sadly,i was told he has was seeing another woman. It turned out right to be what i was thinking. I couldn’t just believe it so i confronted him with the pictures,but he denied it bluntly. he said she was just a lady he has some working project with and foolish of me i believed him.But on one faithful day i caught them red handed and that moment my heart stopped for a while as i bust into tears, because i really love him so much that i can do anything for him. I have never seen in his eyes so much hatered before, to the extent that he will have to cheat on me. he was no longer living with me and our kids. I still remember his words ” “KEEP THE HOUSE AND YOUR SICK KIDS!” I wanted to drop dead but my lovely kids gave me strength to fight for what is mine. He was asking for a divorce but i wanted my man back because of the love i have for him. So i had to delay the process to buy time for myself so as to figure out a way to get him back. On a good day i stumbled on an article of how a boy got his girlfriend back after she broke up with him through a spell caster. At first I told myself it’s a scam, because i never believed of such. But as pressure from my husband’s lawyer increased i became desperate and gave it a chance. I contacted him via email i saw on his website. His English was not so clear but he helped me. But not for free. I did as he instructed me.

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  55. Lucy says: Reply

    Dear Irina,

    So glad that finally someone just said it. I am a Canadian but have lived abroad for some time now. And by default of work travel a lot back home and internationally. Must say, I love my country but after quite a few dates have now given up on Canadian men (I’m generalizing, please don’t crucify me) because yes, I find them to be ungentlemanly and rather frugal even on initial dates. European men or those who are more well-traveled (ie. those who have lived abroad for some time) tend to be much more chivalrous and therefore, I am more likely to go out with them again. And to all the rude commentators, this is a blog and Irina is simply expressing her opinion as am I. There is no need to attack her and make comments about her that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

  56. Sil Le says: Reply

    I know exactly why you feel this way. It’s because you barely have two brain cells to rub together and no talent or skills whatsoever, so you can’t find a job or have a life that’s challenging or fulfilling. From your photos it’s obvious that you rely on your looks for everything, because that’s all you have, so when it doesn’t work, you throw a tantrum. You have nothing to offer the world, because you’re shallow and vacuous, so when you come across other women who are as smart and self sufficient as men, or even more so, you’re jealous of their accomplishments, and want to tear them down and want the world to go back to a place where women were second-class citizens, because that’s where you feel at home.

    1. Douchebag says: Reply

      Thump up ! I am Eastern European man living in Canada and I fully agree with your point of you. Her article in general just reflects the general view of so called “leaches” trying to find a man who would be paying for them and so forth and as an exchange they are ready to press two buttons on the washing machine and chill on the couch while watching TV. The problem with Eastern European women Is that they mostly rely on their looks which fade away once they turn 30, this is exactly why they need to get married before 25 while they still can sell their looks for a fancy future. Simply an act of prostitution. You know why they want a man to pay for all the time ? Cuz most of them have never worked in their life and have not earned a single penny. This shitty concept of a “real man” just make me puke. I am not a big fan of feminism myself, especially excessive measure of it, but there is no way I will be ever dating braindead lazy princess who doesn’t want to achieve in life as much as I do.

      1. Alejandra says: Reply

        Douchebag They have brainwashed you

  57. alisha says: Reply

    This blog post was incredibly ignorant.

    1. Cecilia says: Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. My mouth was dropped in awe the whole time, couldn’t believe what I was reading. Another guy said it great too. He said the author brought us back 40 years. Bravo. This “article” is seriously bad news!

  58. Jonathan says: Reply

    Don’t listen for a minute what you’re detractors on here say, Canadians are perhaps the worst people to date and this is a born Canadian who has lived in the Eastern and Western part of the country. Though, my experience is limited to the cities and suburbs.

    I’m a man, and perhaps my bias would say that my fellow men aren’t as bad as the women. My friends from out East would perhaps, hook up with a random girl, but ultimately do want relationships. Actual relationships too, not merely flavour of the month or year. Still, though, women are either put on a pedastal or just used for the most part.

    I believe it to be more the female’s fault though because every woman in Canada it seems practices hypergamy, so romance is dead in this country. They’re also sexually opportunistic. For example, I’ve encountered more than a few times where a girl has a crush on a guy not present but with enough booze in her will hunt for the highest status male she can find in her current social gathering to hook up with. They are insanely politically correct too.

    Like another commentator said here, I save my kindness for non-Canadian women. The men are so screwed up in this country because they learn that there is no point in being polite. I find that at least American girls have respect for themselves and have some sort of principles. They may like you for who you are. In Canada, I’d be better off just buying a wife since your salary determines the quality of woman you’re going to meet here.

  59. S says: Reply

    Reading this made me lose brain cells. I can’t believe women in 2016 are actually having these thoughts and posting them publicly. This was dumb.

    1. Cecilia says: Reply

      Yeah, this was seriously disturbing.

  60. Yana says: Reply

    I’m sorry for people telling you you should stop writing about this, and insulting you for your looks. I think you’re absolutely right (and yes, I’m a woman). But I also agree with some of the people here saying that Europe is not Russia. Allow me to explain.

    You are right about feminists, but Europe has them too. Women here (I live in Europe, or Holland, to be more specific) are very rude towards men. They’re trying to take advantage of them all the time, and more importantly: don’t have respect for anyone. I think it’s a great skill for men here that they know that women not showing respect to THEM, do not deserve respect THEMSELVES. So actually, no, men here won’t hold any doors for you, and no, they won’t pay for you when going out for dinner. BUT, that’s because before you, they have had countless other women who treated them without respect yet still expected THEM to be nice to those women, just because they were women and he was a man.

    So I understand men who don’t want to pay for women anymore. And I don’t mind paying for myself. As a student, I have learned how to deal with having only a small amount of money, and I know that I shouldn’t buy things I can’t afford, and that it’s wrong to use a man in order to get the things I want.

    Anyway. I really love Russia. I’ve been to Russia last year, and I found people to be very helpful, friendly and nice. I think it’s because Russia doesn’t have that many feminists and women like to be treated as women, and actually still have respect for men (who have shown that they’re real men, they’ve been to the army after all).

    I would like to finish my message by saying that you’re a very beautiful girl, and I love your style of writing. Please don’t feel bad because of the (probably very jealous) feminist women, telling you you look ridiculous!

  61. T says: Reply

    Try going to the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, Ireland etc. and see how many men carry everything for you and pay for everything… or are those places not in “Europe”?

  62. Ugo De Montigny says: Reply

    Hi Irina, I recently shared the video of you and my friend Dave. I am sure like some of us he is an exception to the rule s I agree with your post most man are like in your post and woman to. The role of each other in the couple has been lost and I saw the same thing as you did in Vienna, Budapest, Lviv and Kyiv. In fact, I almost see myself more with a woman from Europe as I like to do these things for them and the simple thanks or just the response to flowers makes you feels…. hard to describe but giving flower to an European or East European woman compare to a Canadian one or even American one is…different and the result as well. I am sorry to Canadian woman (as I said there is exception) but my experience lead me to believe my destiny will lead me to a special and wonderful Ukrainian woman. Anyway, hope to meet you while you are here with Dave and I enjoyed the video it is amazing and well done :).

    1. dee says: Reply

      r.i.p. your wallet

  63. Gustavo says: Reply

    Hi Irina,

    I guess you should be a very busy person, but I really need your help, please let me know if you have few time to give some advices and opinions by email about something personal.


  64. Lamoore says: Reply

    Irina…It’s fun to read your post about comparison of canadian men and european men!
    I am married with real french Canadian men, but myself I am real east european women! My husband told to me very early in our relationship…What I love about you..that you are feminine in all meanings, you are real woman, you dont want to be as CANEDIAN WOMENS equal….So that the important part of this message. Big part of Amreican women have made from the men a HALF men! And so, you will finde in Canada some who are half men, who want you pay your bill, but my self I dont know anyone around our friends. Maybe its also a new generation? And in the end…I dont belive that there exist perfect people…so also my husband was not…but with my patience to learn him how to treat women, how to spoil hear, and so on…we are doing wounderfull! I learning thigs, what canedian woman before me did not learned to him!

    P.S. I have live in past also in Italy…So I could give a good comparision about italian mens against canedian. And canedian men would win, since I have met my love from canada and he is a treasure!

    Italian men can be a good lover, but not husband! 🙂 Thats my thoughts!

    With best regards….Lamoore

  65. dee says: Reply

    If by european men you’re talking about italian let me tell you than everything is done ONLY with the purpose of getting something back (sex). If you looked worse you wouldn’t have received the same treatment. I bet everytime someone helped you on the streets they didn’t just do that and then kept going, i bet they started to chat you up, ask for your number etc, that’s not being nice, that’s hitting on girls. In fact no italian man helps old women for example. (in general at least)
    You just seem to want people serving you based on the fact that you’re pretty and have a vagina, and praise the more traditional gender roles only when convenient to you, I bet you enjoy the respect women recieve and the divorce laws more in canada than in eastern europe where you’re worthless after you turn 30 and recieve nothing if you divorce.

    I bet italian men were all over you once they heard you name,we have thirsty man obsessed with easter europeans because many of those poor girl come here and become prostitutes so for those stupid men eastern european = whore. I hope you didn’t take pictures with them because they like to go around showing them to their friends and saying “i banged this chick” while you write blog posts about “how much better those man are, they open the door for me wow!”. Italian man are just good at fooling stupid girls and talk talk talk so you feel special, open your legs and then they run to brag.

    I’d take a respectful (respect = doesn’t pay for me, but also doesn’t treat me like shit behind my back)canadian guy over a ruse sexist pretending to be romantic italian guy anyday.
    You mave have moved to canada when you were still little but you still have that easter european, i’ll shut up and stay put as long as the guy keeps rolling in cash .
    you can take a eastern european out of eastern europe but can’t take ee out of her
    please hurry up! marry a rich man before you turn 30 and the babushka bomb will expolode (and quit the lip fillers, you look like the stereotypical “instagram russian model living in Dubai”= escort)

  66. AlexR says: Reply

    I’ve lived in Quebec most of my life, and about two years in France. I also traveled to different countries.

    My experience related to Russian and Ukrainian girls is that they are extremely romantic and believe in the ideal date, the ideal man, the ideal is probably cultural due to Russia literary past (most Russian girls I met have read old-school literature) combined with Soviet past (women are men were seen as equal for so long there that women are finally rediscovering feminity)…and orthodox past (orthodox are more conservatives, see Greece) …. they are extremely intelligent and educated (I’m talking about Moscow well-traveled girls, my experience with provincial girls is nonexistent), more so than a lot of girls I met in Montreal, because they can actually hold a conversation and do not see the interaction as a confrontational exercise. They don’t say words like ”bro, dude”. If their English is proficient shallow discussions with them are not to be expected, better be ready to discuss deep topics.

    Russian girls are cold but generally honest about their feelings, if they don’t like you they will pay for you on a date, stay cold the whole night, generally won’t open up. If you treat them like one of the buddies and don’t do these special gestures, it means the relationship won’t go far.

    The Russian culture is more conservative, one night stands are not as common as in North America in Russia (of course any Russian that travels will look for some fun, as for any culture). Family is really important. I would say girls have more self-respect than in North America because…my conclusion is that Russian girls are proud to be women and show it and to be treated as such, in a conservative way.

    It doesn’t mean they are goldiggers or want to work at home. I met Moscow lawyers and business women more career oriented than many Quebec and north American women

    1. AlexR says: Reply

      Sorry I meant self-respect in the sense that they will not degrade themselves (or do what they find degrading in the anglosphere culture)

      Of course Russia is a huge country with many different ethnicities; Russia is also westernized in a way and you will find a lot of different girls. But I’m just sharing my experiences.

  67. […] years ago, when I was just starting out as a blogger, I wrote an interesting post titled “Things I Hate About Dating And Relationships In Canada.” It got plenty of feedback both good and bad. Well, today, I can finally see how uninformed […]

  68. […] remember writing this post titled “Things I hate about dating and relationships in Canada” (that I don’t 100% agree with […]

  69. I do not know how old this is but its quite amazing to see the backlashes she’s getting for stating something so well known and natural This is the internet and I’m anonymous so what the whoot. Let’s first start by saying I’m Canadian male 25 y/o I do not date most Canadian women and normally stick to { Latinas, Greek, Italian, E.E’s} Why you may ask? because they enjoy being a woman and I enjoy being a man and we compliment one another which creates strong sexual attraction and a strong relationship later; quite simply women in those cultures have jobs enjoy a good argument know they deserve the same democratic rights and are not exempt from their respected constitutions.

    Anyone who has ever traveled cannot deny this as you will see other cultures are much happier than we are here in Canada in numerous ways lets start with family.. family is dysfunctional here most of the time cannot argue with that either… working 40 hour weeks eating kraft dinner living in a country thats cold for 8 months out of the year is not good for relationships or mental health which equates to dysfunctional family values. Food! food has no flavour here or substance you may be thinking who cares its just food doesn’t matter! You’re wrong! food is the fabric that holds us together quite literally.. cooking and eating together as a family sets a deep intimate bond with one another a sense of pride and accomplishment, this is known and common sense in so many cultures that Canada felt the need to ignore which adds another strike.

    Stress: stress comes at you from every direction here this country has a tall poppy syndrome, Canadian culture does not encourage expression of emotions or expression of masculinity nor femininity just a mediocre blend too macho they say you’re a ass too feminine they say she’s a church girl you get this idea. Debt, rampant here destroys creativity and relationships , no need to say more.

    Its extremely refreshing to see this girl write this, my type of girl 🙂 .. But point is feminism or anyone who wants to oppose of this belief before you argue, first travel and no, not to a resort for a week go submerse yourself in real culture and see how happy everyday life is and how a man is allowed to express his energy as a man and a woman is allowed to proudly be feminine. Happiest couples I have saw are people who have had fulfilling careers and love one another and not just social gender roles but biologically understanding their body is of their gender and they should be proud with what they have. I believe in equal respect, no man is better nor woman but, be proud of your gender.

    Canada has totally sabotaged this in about every way and has so many people confused about their gender which destroys the natural selection process and irritates mental health and its evident; Canada is a land of mediocre and political correctness that has destroyed this country from this inside out, it has killed traditional family values as well as our innovative engine as a country I sincerely feel bad for men in this country as society stones any man here for being ambitious , intellectual, masculine , cultured .. not only is there mental health effects but you also are causing endocrine dysfunctions.. low testosterone which is essentially the mans battery. Coming from a masculine Canadian guy whom is educated and ambitious nothing is more attractive than a happy, cultured, adventurous, feminine , intelligent woman who hates small talk and skips right to computer science or the cosmos in a convo . They are few and far in between 🙂

  70. Amy says: Reply

    Your writing style needs work. The content doesn’t offend me, but the way it’s written does.

  71. Saura Deos says: Reply

    Hi! i just read about this post and all the comments, its nice to know all about this and i just want to say that woman is woman and man is a man its a choice to do good things in this world and my man is a Canadian man though we’re not yet meet in person but i feel that he’s a good man Good luck to me though 🙂 (y)

  72. Nat says: Reply

    This has to be the most bogus blog I’ve ever read. First and foremost I’m an American that’s lived in the Netherlands and there are few to no guys there that will dare to even buy you a drink! Clearly you’ve never heard of going Dutch! Guys treat foreign women like crap in Europe so hold your white princess asses until you find a man to wipe it for you. I actually think Canadian guys have a great sense of humor and so what if he doesn’t hold the door a great sense of character goes a long way.

  73. Enrica says: Reply

    She’s right, my fiancé lives in Italy and Ive never been this happy in my life, he treats me with respect, love and kindness… and I treat him like my king !!! something I never had by dating a Canadian men, sorry that she offended some of you.

  74. Frank says: Reply

    I completely agree with your article…. every single thing makes sense.

    Man and woman are equals but different in their own ways. Man can’t get pregnant and breast feed his child… just like that woman does not have physical strength to lift heavy weights of 10 grocery bags.
    So i should say a man should help out a woman in lifting weights and woman is the only one who should take care of their kids and taking maternity leave.
    There is nothing sexy about a guy holding broom and doing dishes… just like there is nothing sexy about a woman doing woodworking on barn door while at the same time man is doing dishes wearing an apron….. just try to imagine the situation and you will know how pathetic it looks.

    If woman expect a man to pay the bill and open door of car for them than man expects his woman to make a delicious meal and clean up dishes.

    Man in USA and CANADA are treated like shit. They are not respected and still expected to open doors and do laundry, cooking and be a bitch. Here woman can shout out loud on a man or even slap him and he is expected to be quite and respectful BUT when a man shouts even once than everybody will call him aggressive and by any chance he slaps her for fucking or cheating (equivalent situation.. be creative) than he is on the way of his grave or worse.

    Due to this exaggerated feminist behaviours of woman , nowadays man doesn’t care if a woman is holding 10 or 15 grocery bags because they deserve to be equall… so be it.
    Man don’t want to pay bill cuz why should he? Hez not going to get respected here… he still has to go broom and mop the floor anyways…

    Once i went to a bank with my wife to open her bank account and employee asked her if she wants me in the room for details (it is right to do so because its her bank account) and she said yes. The PROBLEM starts now- when the employee finished telling details i told her about the type of account i want for my wife and asked other specific details because i knew about stuff while my wife was new in the country (6 days) so employee completely disrespected me & told me that “why i am the one asking”.. “its your wife’s account and she should ask it” ……….. you see the problem? My wife said she want me in the room and she was sitting right beside me… why a husband cant have an opinion about his wife’s decisions? In the end it was my wife who was going to sign the agreement…BUT man are treated with complete disrespect everywhere… THIS IS WHY MAN DON’T WANT TO HELP A WOMAN OUT… WOMAN HAS TO GO ALONE FOR IMPORTANT WORK AND DO THINGS ALONE AND SHOULD NOT EXPECT MAN TO HELP.

    I believe woman and man should be respected in their own ways.

    When a woman starts respecting man for what they are… man will definitely become GENTLEMAN again. UNTILL THEN YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED THIS WAY.

  75. Abby says: Reply

    Well, there is equal rights and there is feminism. I agree with you that men in non north American countries are different. Because even there has been a lot of movements from feminism side has been pushed over them, they have resisted it and have not given up, because we all must have equal rights but we must have our differences. A man needs to take care of his woman to feel like a man and make his woman feel like a woman, and a woman needs to act like a woman in order to feel like a woman and make his man feel like a man. Stop confusing nature of these two.

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