5 Super Accurate Characteristics Of Your Horoscope Sign


Do you recognize yourself? Self discovery through horoscopes might not be the brightest thing to do, but it sure is entertaining. I love horoscopes, so I put together a little something for you guys. Have fun!



1. Better not argue with me, it’ll get ugly.

2. The situation is always under control, but my emotions are not under control at all.

3. First I act, then I think about what I did.

4. The hardest thing in life is not to interrupt the person I’m talking to.

5. I’m stubborn, so what?



1. I take food really seriously.

2. I prefer a beautiful couch over a beautiful sun rise.

3. I don’t mind coming second, those who come first waste too much energy anyway.

4. I’m just looking for my comfort zone.

5. No, I won’t lend you my car, money, clothes, etc.


1. Now you see me, now you don’t.

2. I like quantity, because I ain’t got no time for quality.

3. If you can’t keep up, you’re out of the game.

4. My ideal house has a TV in every room.

5. If my ideas don’t turn into actions, I feel useless.


1. My home is my sanctuary.

2. I prefer to have friends over rather than going out.

3. Best thing in life is when my fridge is full.

4. My motto in life – best things come to those who wait.

5. I’ve had this coat for 20 years and it still looks brand new!



1. Follow me, I’m the leader.

2. I’d rather help someone than have someone help me.

3. A nice business card is more important than the salary.

4. Even though I look approachable, deep down I’m a dictator.

5. If I do something, I go all out.


1. Modesty is my best quality.

2. A messy house is my worst nightmare.

3. Big scale projects make me dizzy, I prefer small specific tasks.

4. If you want to seduce me, explain to me rationally why we should be together.

5. Patience and hard work are what I live by.


1. I hate to argue.

2. Can’t live without a partner.

3. I love everything beautiful.

4. The hardest thing in life is to make up my mind.

5. I can make anyone do anything.


1. There has to be a damngood reason for me to smile.

2. I’m very passionate, but will almost never show it.

3. Nobody really knows the real me.

4. I analyze every situation, you can’t hide anything from me.

5. I can be mean, deal with it.


1. Feel bad for what I did? Nah!

2. I never worry for something that didn’t happen yet, I’ll worry about it when the time comes.

3. How can you get mad at me? You can’t, it’s impossible.

4. Best vacation – trip around the world.

5. The only problems that get to me are REALLY big problems. If you see me freaking out, you know that something major is happening.


1. My motto in life – don’t break the rules, you’ll get caught.

2. I love to think and talk, but not move too much.

3. I’m very reserved and always calm.

4. My life is made of small calculated steps to success.

5. I don’t like to show off, I just want others to know how successful I am by the kind of things I can buy.



1. Worst nightmare – to be just like everybody else.

2. I believe that the thought of doing something good is more important that the deed itself.

3. I’m the most positive and the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

4. My friends will always come before my family. Always.

5. Don’t stress about the future, it’s bound to be amazing!



1. Can’t say no to alcohol.

2. If I promise you something, doesn’t mean that it will actually happen.

3. Procrastination is my best friend.

4. I can analyze and give advice to anyone except for myself.

5. Everyone knows that I’m always busy, but very little people know what I’m really up to.

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